SS3 Round 6 Race 2: Jadwat snatches victory from Absmeier

Basheer Jadwat  (Squadro GhostworX) made it two victories in a row for Round 6 of the 2014 South African simSS3 Series at the Nürburgring.


Pole sitter Jason Absmeier (Revlimit Racing) did well to absorb opening lap pressure from Denis Mitchell (SH Racing) who in turn was fending off advances from Jadwat. An opening corner incident saw Chad Cook (SH Racing) catch air time as he was launched into the air after sustaining contact from Qunitin Haarhoff (Taurus Racing) who was forced into Cook by contact from Riaan van der Westhuizen (Deltec Racing).

Opening lap moves for position came from Steven Pelser (Revlimit Racing) who with a sling-shot move leaving the Mercedes-Benz Arena passed Willem van Zyl (JVR GhostworX) before Turn 5 for 8th, Quintin Haarhoff repeated that identical move to pass Yasteel Ragubeer (Team Ryoku) for 11th , Ken Hunter (Xtreme Racing)  passed teammate Marius van Wyk on entry to the Schumacher Esses and Chad Cook (SH Racing)  began his fightback through the field by passing Riaan van der Westhuizen at the long Turn 7.

A switch for position during lap 2 was seen by the two GhostworX 3.0 cars, Chris Browne passed Markus Steyn for 6th by out-braking him for Yokohama Corner. Browne had to retire later due to technical difficulties.

A ragged exit from Mitchell at Turn 5 initiated an almighty scrap between himself, Jadwat and Jonathan Bentz (Squadro GhostworX).  Jadwat with a better drive into turn 7 was able to pass Mitchell for 2nd position. Just moments later Jadwat, with what must be the car correction of the season, somehow managed to keep his car pointing in the right direction and on the track after being punched sideways exiting the high speed Shumacher Esses.

Later another ragged exit from Mitchell this time at the NGK Chicane allowed Bentz to pull alongide him, however contact between the two forced them both off the track and down to  7th and 9th position respectively.

After all the drama ahead of him Juan Liebenberg (Team Ryoku) found himself in 3rd position with a healthy gap back to the intense 4 way battle for 4th between Steyn, Pelser, van Zyl and Bentz. Meanwhile  Jadwat had reeled Pelser in at a rate of 0.3 sec a lap.  Unfortunately for Liebenberg, Steyn slipped through to take third when he spun exiting turn 15.

With just 3 laps remaining Jadwat was able to pull alongside Absmeier and outbrake him into Yokohama corner to continue to take his 6th win of the season. Steyn was able to maintain his position ahead of Liebenberg to take 3rd.

Absmeier commented: ”After making a mistake at the NGK Chicane, Basheer was on my tail down the main straight and as I out-braked myself at Yokohama I had no chance to defend. It was close towards the end with just 0.3 sec or so between us but it was not to be. That was the best battle I have had all season so far.”

The slight contact with Denis meant I had rear wing damage and the car was an absolute nightmare in slip. I was missing apexes and Jason was driving beautifully. I had no answer to him for many laps and I could just hang on around a second behind. In the dying stages of the race, I was able to close up to Jason whose tires appeared to have worn badly and I was able to pull off a pass. I then had to defend for all my life but managed to just stay ahead. One of the best races I’ve had in the Arbath and hopefully the first of many with Jason. ” said Jadwat

2014-10-29_00026   2014-10-29_00024

2014-10-29_00013   2014-10-29_00020

2014-10-29_00027   2014-10-29_00032

Race 2 results:

Round 6 Race 2: Nürburgring 28 October 2014

Round 6 Race 2


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