Race Investigation Request

If a driver feels they have been unfairly treated or feels a driver has been driving in direct contravention to the Fair Pass Policy, they are encouraged to request a race investigation by the stewards.

Investigation request forms must be submitted within 24hrs of race ending in which the offence occurred, else will not be reviewed.

We recommend you wait an hour post-race before you decide to log the ticket – this will let any adrenaline rush subside and allow for a more reasonable reflection of the incident for your analysis/description write up. If there is any doubt, it may be helpful to reach out to someone other than a team-mate for a second unbiased opinion on your replay before submitting a ticket.

Please ensure you have familiarized yourselves with our Rules, Terms and Conditions, in particular Section 23 which addresses Race Investigation Requests before continuing.

On the official SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA Discord server, find the ‘#🏴log-incident’ channel under the 💻RACE CONTROL’ category. Use the 📨Create ticket’ button and follow the prompts.

Figure 1: Example screenshot from the Discord server, demonstrating how to create a new ticket for the stewards.
Figure 2: A private ticket will be created between you and the panel of stewards, allowing a driver to provide relevant information.

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