Race Investigation Request

If a driver feels they have been unfairly treated or feels a driver has been driving in direct contravention to the Fair Pass Policy, they are encouraged to request a race investigation by the stewards here.

Investigation request forms must be submitted within 24hrs of race ending in which the offence occurred, else will not be reviewed.

Please ensure you familiarize yourselves with our Rules, Terms and Conditions, in particular Section 23 which addresses Race Investigation Requests.

SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA stewards employ a ‘help us help you’ attitude. Race investigation requests will not be examined without adequate video footage provided. Raw replay files will not be accepted due to the time required to process them.

A video accompanying the submitted form, must be published to a publicly accessible site for the stewards team to access e.g. YouTube, or Google Drive.

Minimum requirements for the video footage are as follows:

  1. Cockpit view of your car, with HUD showing pedal and steering inputs.
  2. Cockpit view all other cars involved, with HUD showing pedal and steering inputs. Car radar (e.g. HeliCorsa) if present, may help your case. 
  3. Chase cam of your car.
  4.  Chase cam of all others involved.
  5. Heli Cam (if available, e.g. is an ACC event).

– For each of the above snippets, 10-15 additional seconds either side of the incident itself should be provided, for sufficient context leading up to, as well as after the incident (e.g. showing whether the offending car ‘waited’ for you to recover or not).

Do NOT use slow motion playback when capturing your video. Footage must play back in real-time so as not to introduce bias. The stewards team will control the video speed during playback if necessary.

– If all of the points above have not been addressed in the video footage, the stewards team have the right to disregard a race investigation request as having ‘insufficient evidence’ without reaching out to the requestor notifying them as such.

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