Rules, Terms and Conditions of Service

Welcome to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA (“SRSA”, “Sim Race SA”, “Sim Race South Africa”, “we”, “our”, “us”)!

Your agreement with us includes these Rules, Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that you have read and understood all of the below, and agree to be bound by all of the statements.

These terms apply to all visitors, users and others who wish to access or use our services.

Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Forums

1.1. The term ‘forum’ is used interchangeably to represent all platforms, text or voice channels used across SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA, including the official website, Discord forum, YouTube, social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the community.

1.2. As the providers of this service, SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA, is not responsible for the content of messages posted on the forum. Messages posted on the forum express the views of their author only.

1.3. As a user of the Forum, you agree to the following:

1.4. You will not use profanity;

1.5. You will not post to blatantly provoke violent conflict;

1.6. You will not discuss, suggest, engage or encourage any illegal activity on the Forum. This includes copyright laws;

1.7. You will not impersonate anyone else or falsely represent yourself;

1.7.1. As part of the above: We require your real, full name to be used on all platforms. 

1.7.2. We reserve the right to remove any accounts across Discord as well as racing events that are using a false identity, and are unresponsive to requests to rectify.

1.7.3. We do this to promote better driving standards, protect competitive integrity, identify account sharing, link up your season-sign-up registration including Steam64 GUID for server reservation, apply any appropriate roles, and generally make it more efficient should any admin need to contact you.

1.7.4. A guide on how to update your Discord nickname, can be found here:

1.8. Using a secondary account to incite conflict or post unsuitable materials will be grounds for banning of both accounts;

1.9. You will not post any topics relating to race, gender, religion or politics that could offend another user or incite needless arguing and fighting on the Forum.

1.10. All advice and instructions given out by any members on the SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA Forum as a whole are to be carried out at the risk of the person or persons receiving advice and carrying out any instructions read on the Forum.

1.11. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA reserves the right to delete or edit any posts posted on the Forum that it believes is in contravention of these Terms & Conditions.

2. Online Events

2.1. Whilst every care is taken to execute successful online racing events, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to execute a successful online racing event.

2.2. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is not responsible for the quality or performance of connections used by users to connect to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA’S servers.

2.3. Payment for season entry will be made before a user is allowed to compete in a season. Payment is not refundable under any circumstances.

2.4. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA will not be liable for any sickness or seizures experiences including but not limited to, those caused by photosensitivity, i.e. Epileptic fits.

2.5. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is permitted to change the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the events without prior notice.

2.6. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any membership of a user for any reason.

2.7. Simulation racing hosted by SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA can only be exercised with legally-purchased gaming or simulation software. Use of pirated software will not be tolerated and will lead to removal from all championships, platform, and the Discord server.

2.7.1. This includes the use of any ‘paid’ mods. If any premium content has been selected for an event (e.g. content from Race Sim Studio), proof-of-purchase that clearly indicates ownership will be required before a driver is able to participate.

2.8. The contra proferentem rule in respect of interpreting these terms and conditions shall not apply (i.e. the interpretation shall not be against the interest of the drafter of these terms and conditions).

Championship Rules and Regulations

3. Driver Entry Rules

3.1. Drivers may enter the championship once their season application has been accepted and processed.

3.2. While not encouraged, drivers are allowed to switch their car ONCE after a season starts. This must be communicated to an admin as soon as possible.

3.3. Any car changes mid-season will result in a full reset of points for that driver.

3.4. The deadline for car model changes is by 2pm (GMT+2) on the Sunday before race week.  Failing this, the car change will only take effect from the following round. 

3.5. By entering a SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA season, entrants are giving permission to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA to use their signed up names in website and social media articles, as well in live streams.

3.6. Pre-race preparation: All drivers are expected to prepare and practice in advance for a racing event, to understand and produce an acceptable level of pace around the race track, and to lap the race track in a safe and natural way. This includes preparing for the forecasted weather conditions, and having trained in them (as opposed to just ‘hot-lapping’ in optimum conditions).

3.7. If a driver attends an event and is clearly unprepared, the stewards may disqualify them from the race, in particular if they are causing multiple collisions/incidents.

3.8. Drivers must be registered on the platform, and have joined the SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA community on the site (

3.8.1. Users are bound to agree to’s own published terms and conditions, which can be found on their homepage (

3.8.2. As per Section 1.7, drivers are required to have registered with their real name on the platform. Failing this, you will be barred from entry to any SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA events, and you will need to email to rectify before allowed to enter.

4. Team Entry Rules

4.1. The minimum number of drivers entered into a race belonging to the same team is limited to one and the maximum number of drivers in a race belonging to the same team is limited to two. Teams may have affiliated teams.

4.2. The deadline for driver line-up changes within a team is by 2pm (GMT+2) on the Sunday before race week.

4.3. Any team composition changes will result in a full loss of team points for the entire team.

5. Custom Liveries

5.1. Customised cars liveries are strongly encouraged to be used in the championships, while obeying the following rules:

5.1.1. All logos and graphics appearing on the cars are to be used with full permission of their owners.

5.1.2. Written proof may be required to verify such permission.

5.1.3. ‘Fake’ liveries in an attempt to avoid direct use of a logo/graphic (e.g. Dead Bull in lieu of Red Bull, Pespi in lieu of Pepsi, etc – are not allowed, as they are still liable to the same copyright issues).

5.1.4. Logo’s found within the default version, including DLC add-on packs, of the game (or on default cars) may be used, but must not dominate the car.

5.1.5. Templates should not exceed 4096×4096 resolution, and the entire uncompressed folder should not exceed 40MB file-size.

5.1.6. We hold the right to deny any livery submitted if we feel it does not fit our standards. We will reach out to you if we feel it does not fit.

5.2. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA has transitioned to the platform for most racing events. This platform is new and evolving, and currently has certain restrictions around custom liveries:

5.2.1. Assetto Corsa (AC): AC events hosted on do not yet support fully custom skins for an individual driver. Custom skins can be achieved by replacing the default liveries for a specific car. Until fully custom skins are available in the platform, SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA will allow ONE skin to be submitted for an entire parent team (e.g. ODIN Racing), to be used for all drivers. A mapping table will be drawn up per race evening, for which a skin-pack will be generated and distributed to the commentators/broadcasters. A hypothetical example of this is as follows, e.g. for the RSS Formula 3 car : 17_rss – ODIN Racing 18_rss – Flying Gypsies 19_rss – Point Blank Sim Racing 20_rss – Not So Independent Racing 21_rss – The Sim Racing Crew (etc) 31_rss – Independent / Solo Entrants To achieve the above, drivers will be required to pick a relevant livery that corresponds to the above mapping table. Admins will reach out to drivers in this regard. The number of custom liveries available to be run per race is thus limited, and priority will be provided to those within larger teams with sponsorships, length of support shown to SRSA, etc. as opposed to individuals / independent drivers. A rotation may also be utilised at the race administrators discretion. Custom livery folders must use the following naming convention else will be rejected: SRSA_TeamName_YEAR (for example): SRSA_ODINRacing_2021 To submit a custom livery, the folder containing the custom livery as per the above, must be zipped and delivered to an administrator by Sunday 2pm before race week, else will not be included for that week.

5.2.2. Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC): ACC events do support fully custom skins, and liveries may be submitted for an individual driver. Custom livery folders must use the following naming convention else will be rejected: SRSA_FirstnameLastnameCarMake_YEAR (for example): SRSA_RyanHillFerrari_2021 To submit a custom livery, the folder containing the custom livery as per the above, must be zipped and delivered to an administrator by Sunday 2pm before race week, else will not be included for that week. Drivers may also simply utilise the in-game livery editor, or, select one of the default / provided liveries if they do not wish to submit a fully custom skin. There is a known issue/bug with ACC custom liveries, whereby a mini-freeze/stutter can be experienced each time a driver running a custom skin connects to, or disconnects from the server. To eliminate this completely, drivers should remove all custom livery folders from their Documents folder, other than their own.

5.2.3. RaceRoom Racing Experience (RRE): Custom liveries for RRE are not currently supported.

6. Division Qualification and Podium Promotion / Relegation

6.1. Hot-Lap-Qualifying (HLQ)

6.1.1. A once-off, compulsory division qualifying session will be held in the week immediately before the first race in each series, until Sunday evening 8pm (GMT+2), as follows: simTC: Wed June 30th until Sun July 4th, 8pm (GMT+2) simGP: Mon July 5th until Sun July 11th, 8pm (GMT+2) simGT: Mon July 19th until Sun July 25th, 8pm (GMT+2) simLegends: Mon July 26th until Sun August 1st, 8pm (GMT+2)

6.1.2. There are a number of HLQ servers running during these periods (e.g. HLQ1, HLQ2, HLQ3, and so on), against which a registered driver will be allocated one only.

6.1.3. The track used for HLQ will be the track/layout featured in the first race of each series.

6.1.4. The car that a driver enters HLQ with, will be the car they must use entering the first race.

6.1.5. A driver must complete at least one valid lap on their allocated server during the HLQ period above in order to be counted. Invalid laps (e.g. those that contained track cuts) will not be counted.

6.1.6. A ranked list of the fastest lap-times will be published semi-regularly on Discord (1-2 times per day) leading up to Sunday 8pm (GMT+2) cut-off.

6.1.7. HLQ windows will not be extended for circumstances such as server downtime, load-shedding, or any other personal or technical reasons. For this reason, it is recommended that drivers do not leave their division qualifying until the last day.

6.1.8. Following the conclusion of HLQ, admins will prepare and publish the final HLQ results and division splits on Discord.

6.2. Division Grid Sizes

6.2.1. The standard number of drivers that can qualify for a Monday Division 1 race will be as follows: ACC events (simGT): Fastest 40 drivers AC events (simGP, simLegends, simTC): Fastest 22 drivers For AC events, this number may be lower if a track carries a max car limitation below 24, as there will always be 2 positions reserved for commentator/admin cars.

6.2.2. Remaining drivers will be loaded onto a Wednesday Division 2 server. If there are more drivers than grid-slots available, additional lower division servers will be spun up as required, and the number of drivers between them be split as equally as possible.

6.3. Division Promotion / Relegation

6.3.1. From round 2 in a series onwards, division promotion and relegation will be in effect, using the previous race’s results.

6.3.2. The top 3 drivers in a lower division of the last race of an evening, will be promoted into a higher division for the first race of the next round.

6.3.3. The bottom 3 drivers in a higher division of the last race of an evening, will be relegated to a lower division for the first race of the next round.

6.3.4. If  completely absent from a race, a driver’s single allowable drop-round (see Section 8.3) can be taken into consideration in the above and negate one automatic relegation.

6.3.5. Podium promotion and relegation positions are taken after stewards have reviewed and issued any penalties – not based on raw result after race ends.

6.4. Planned Absence and Attendance

6.4.1. If for a particular round, a Division 1 driver determines that they are unable to race that Monday evening, he/she may forfeit their Division 1 rank, and reach out to an admin to apply to race in Division 2 on Wednesday. Availability is not guaranteed, and factors such as grid space, evidence of practice, previous experience racing with us at SRSA, time to reconfigure servers etc – will be taken into consideration for the decision. Slots will remain limited as per reasons above, and if there is insufficient time to shuffle drivers around, a driver will unfortunately need to miss out on the racing that round. If the Division 1 driver does not end up on the podium in Division 2, they will remain in Division 2.

6.4.2. Through the course of the above, a situation can arise where slots in Division 1 are freed-up, and there is an opportunity for those who qualified at the top of Division 2 to be promoted into Division 1. Admins will reach out to these drivers to invite them to attend the Division 1 race if they so choose (optional), and if so, subject to there being enough time to reconfigure the servers, this can be actioned. 

6.4.3. If a driver misses two race events in a row without excusing themselves, we will assume that driver has abandoned the season and will free up their grid slot for another driver. Those drivers will need to reach out to an admin in order to be re-added to the next race in the lowest division.

6.4.4. It is mandatory for all drivers in Division 2 and lower to RSVP their attendance to a race event, directly to a race administrator on the official Discord server. A channel will be spun up in the preceding week for drivers to RSVP. The deadline for this is by 2pm (GMT+2) on the Sunday before race week, to allow sufficient time for grid slot reservation and server administration.

7. Championship Quali and Race Formats

7.1. All grid racing championship formats consist of a qualifying session, and 1-2 race sessions depending on the championship.

7.2. Specifics for race duration, pit-stop requirements, etc. can be reviewed on an individual championship’s Discord channel (simGT, simGP, simTC, simLegends):

7.2.1. simGT: #📚info-simgt 

7.2.2. simGP: #📚info-simgp

7.2.3. simTC: #📚info-simtc 

7.2.4. simLegends: #📚info-simlegends

7.3. A qualifying session will be used to determine the starting grid for the race by taking the fastest time for each car.

7.4. Priority is always to be given to cars currently on flying laps. This means that cars on outlaps, inlaps or invalidated laps are expected to give way and not impede the performance of the passing car.

7.5. It is the driver’s responsibility to find a suitable window to set their flying lap; approaching a slower car on its own flying lap does not give either driver priority. Whilst the slower car may choose to give way in a manner that is safe (e.g. lifting on a straight) they are not required to do so. 

7.6. Use of “Return to  Pits/Garage” is allowed, provided drivers have first pulled completely off the race-track if able.

8. Championship Series Points

8.1. Driver points are allocated as follows:

8.1.1. P1: 100 points

8.1.2. P2: 97 points

8.1.3. P3: 95 points

8.1.4. P4-P97: 94 to 1 point

8.1.5. P98+: 0 points

8.2. Drivers must complete 80% of the laps completed (rounded down) by the race winner in their division in order to earn points. For example, 80% of 38 laps = 30. 

8.3. Drop Round:

8.3.1. simGT and simGP: At the end of the season, a driver’s single worst race of the season will be discarded before the final championship standings are finalised (i.e. best 5 out of 6 races to count for points).

8.3.2. simTC and simLegends: At the end of the season,  a driver’s worst two races of the season will be discarded before the final championship standings are finalised (i.e. best 10 out of 12 races to count for points).

8.4. Team points will be the sum of the points earned by each of the two drivers within a team, as per above.

9. Weather Forecast / Settings

9.1. Division HLQ (Hot-Lap-Qualifying)

9.1.1. Ambient, as well as grip level will be fixed across all HLQ servers for fairness.

9.1.2. Initial settings for HLQ will be set as follows, across all series: 11am, 2 hour looping session 1x time progression 24c ambient temperature 30c track temperature (AC only, ACC is auto-calculated based on ambient temp, sun angle, clouds and other aspects) zero cloud coverage zero rain level zero wind optimum grip

9.2. Race Day

9.2.1. Weather for race day can and will vary between rounds. This includes weather randomness, cloud cover, rain levels, and ambient temperature.

9.2.2. A general weather forecast will be posted in Discord in the week before race week.

9.2.3. In ACC there is an element of randomness across a ‘race weekend’. Qualifying and Race weather may therefore differ, and drivers should be prepared to adapt (e.g. prepped for rain and the evolution of weather across a session).

10. MoTeC Telemetry capture (Compulsory)

10.1. It is mandatory for all drivers to capture and retain MoTeC telemetry from LIVE events in the specified format in Section 10.5. below. This applies to all session types (HLQ, Qualifying and Race).

10.1.1. Admins may reach out to specific drivers, in particular those qualifying or finishing within the top 10 of a Division, to submit their *.LD and *.LDX MoTeC telemetry files.

10.1.2. Upon request, these must be produced as soon as possible, but no later than the deadline stipulated by the steward (generally by Friday same-week), or the driver will face a DQ. Communicate if you’re unable to make this deadline for some reason (e.g. work travel).

10.1.3. As far as possible, telemetry files will initially be reviewed by an independent race steward, who is not actively participating in the current championship, for any foul-play.

10.1.4. This is part of a continued measure at SRSA to prevent and protect against potential exploits, and to produce the fairest, and most level playing field possible.

10.1.5. Drivers should retain all replays and telemetry data recorded from a round in a championship, until the official start of the next round.

10.2. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their telemetry settings are set up correctly, such that they cover the required sessions.

10.3. Failing to produce the correct telemetry data when requested from SRSA will result in zero points for that race. Request assistance in the Discord forum, or reach out to a SRSA admin if you are uncertain of anything.

10.4. Telemetry Capture Requirements:

10.4.1. SRSA ‘Quick and Easy’ Download bundle (for AC and ACC): Download everything required for both AC and ACC events here: ‘SRSA Telemetry Setup for AC and ACC (2021-07-01).zip‘ and follow the instructions provided within the downloaded zip file.

10.4.2. AC: We are utilising ‘ACTI’ , which will enable telemetry capture. The latest version is always on RaceDepartment, but we have also provided all files required above. (NB) After installation, ensure that you have “Auto Launch Enabled” as well as “Auto Connect Enabled” set to on whilst in-game so that you don’t have to remember to turn the telemetry app on every time. It is the drivers responsibility to check and ensure that the ‘green’ centre light on the ACTI app is shown, (not yellow) – which indicates that ACTI is successfully recording the session. If it is not green (but has been in the past), quit out of AC completely and re-join the server to force close/re-open the app cleanly. Reach out to any admin on Discord for assistance over a screen-share if the issue persists. The log files submitted must be from an ‘AC_LIVE’ event and not generated using an offline replay file. Retain the MoTeC telemetry files (both LD and LDX) generated under ‘C:\Users\[username]\Documents\acti\telem‘, to produce on request.

10.4.3. ACC: When you are in the pit setup menu, ensure that your Electronics -> Telemetry Laps is set to the maximum value. Check and set this before every session. Retain the MoTeC telemetry log files generated under ‘C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\MoTeC‘, to produce on request.

Race Day Procedure

11. simGP

11.1. Race Day Schedule (GMT+2)

11.1.1. 19h45 – Drivers Briefing (Discord Stage Channel) 

11.1.2. 19h45 – Server launch, Practice (15min)

11.1.3. 20h00 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

11.1.4. 20h01 – Qualifying (15min)

11.1.5. 20h16 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

11.1.6. 20h17 Race (45min)

11.1.7. 21h02 – Race overtime = 360s (6mins)

11.1.8. 21h08 – End

11.2. Start Formation

11.2.1. Standing start.

11.3. Pit-Stops

11.3.1. No compulsory pitstop.

12. simGT

12.1. Race Day Schedule (GMT+2)

12.1.1. 19h45 – Drivers Briefing (Discord Stage Channel) 

12.1.2. 19h45 – Server launch, Practice (15min)

12.1.3. 20h00 – Event over Time (Max) = 180s (3min)

12.1.4. 20h03 – Qualifying (30min)

12.1.5. 20h33 – Event over Time (Max) = 180s (3min)

12.1.6. 20h36 – Post qualification (grid spawn) = 10s

12.1.7. 20h36 – Time before a race (prep) = 180s (3mins)

12.1.8. 20h39 – Race (90min)

12.1.9. 22h09 – Event over Time (Max) = 180s (3min)

12.1.10. 22h12 – Post race (server loop / kill) = 600s (10mins)

12.2. Start Formation

12.2.1. Rolling start.

12.2.2. Default formation lap (full lap, position control and UI).

12.2.3. Follow the HUD instructions carefully to avoid being out of position, or travelling at the incorrect speed. Failing to do so when the green light appears will result in a Drive-Through penalty. Any DT’s received at the start will not be cleared – as there are no acknowledged bugs from Kunos surrounding the start procedure. Do not follow the other cars if they slow down, speed up, or are out of position. Anybody that does not follow the proper indications carefully will receive a DT. Vehicle collisions are disabled, so you can safely pass through cars that are not following proper procedure. If the lights go green and you are still overlapping through another car, collisions will remain disabled until both cars have disengaged and are at a safe distance from each other. Overtake and ghost through cars that may be out-of-position if needed. A tutorial video for all of the above can be found here: 

12.3. Pit-Stops

12.3.1. Allowed tyre sets = 50.

12.3.2. 1x Mandatory pitstop: Mandatory refuelling (1 litre minimum) Fixed time refuelling = false Mandatory tyre change = false

12.3.3. Pitstop window covers the entire race.

13. simLegends

13.1. Race Day Schedule (GMT+2)

13.1.1. 19h45 – Drivers Briefing (Discord Stage Channel) 

13.1.2. 19h45 – Server 1 launch, Practice (15min)

13.1.3. 20h00 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

13.1.4. 20h01 – Qualifying (10min)

13.1.5. 20h11 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

13.1.6. 20h12 – Race 1 of 2 (20min sprint)

13.1.7. 20h32 – Race overtime = 360s (6mins)

13.1.8. 20h38 – End

13.1.8. 20h35 – Server 2 launch, Practice (7min)

13.1.9. 20h42 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

12.1.10. 20h43 – Qualifying (10min)

13.1.11. 20h53 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

13.1.12. 20h54 – Race 2 of 2 (20min sprint)

13.1.13. 21h14 – Race overtime = 360s (6mins)

13.1.14. 21h20 – End

13.2. Start Formation

13.2.1. Standing start.

13.3. Pit-Stops

13.3.1. No compulsory pitstop.

14. simTC

14.1. Race Day Schedule (GMT+2)

14.1.1. 19h45 – Drivers Briefing (Discord Stage Channel) 

14.1.2. 19h45 – Server 1 launch, Practice (15min)

14.1.3. 20h00 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

14.1.4. 20h01 – Qualifying (10min)

14.1.5. 20h11 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

14.1.6. 20h12 – Race 1 of 2 (20min sprint)

14.1.7. 20h32 – Race overtime = 360s (6mins)

14.1.8. 20h38 – End

14.1.9. 20h35 – Server 2 launch, Practice (7min)

14.1.10. 20h42 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

14.1.11. 20h43 – Qualifying (10min)

14.1.12. 20h53 – Result screen time 60s (1min)

14.1.13. 20h54 – Race 2 of 2 (40min feature)

14.1.14. 21h34 – Race overtime = 360s (6mins)

14.1.15. 21h40 – End

14.2. Start Formation

14.2.1. Standing start.

14.3. Pit-Stops

14.3.1. No compulsory pitstop.

Driving Rules

15. Driving Aids and Configs

15.1. Drivers may only use factory driving aids if they are available and specific to each car. E.g. Traction Control (TC),  and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

15.2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is not permitted and will be disabled server-side.

15.3. Auto-Clutch will be enabled.

15.4. DRS, KERS, and P2P if available on a car, will be enabled.

15.5. In ACC, autosteer and auto gear are disabled. Ideal line, auto engine start, auto wipers, auto lights and auto pit-limiter are available.

15.6. Fuel and tyre wear rate, will be set to 1x (100%) for all series.

15.7. Tyre Blankets, if available, will be on. At the start of the session, or after a pitstop, tyres will have the optimal temperature.

15.8. For standing start races, jump/false starts will be disabled. Cars will be locked until the start.

15.9. Damage rate will be set to 75% for all AC series, (100% is unrealistically sensitive especially with regards to suspension).

15.10. Setups will be open/unrestricted for all series.

15.11. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA.

15.12. Failure to report a bug/glitch/game issue that gives you an unfair advantage will result in disqualification or ban if exploited.

16. Recommended 3rd Party Apps

16.1. All Sim Racing Titles:

16.1.1. CrewChief: 

16.1.2. SecondMonitor: 

16.2. Assetto Corsa:

16.2.1. HeliCorsa (car radar): 

16.2.2. ProTyres: 

16.2.3. Track Map Display: 

16.2.4. Sidekick: or, RaceEssentials: 

16.2.5. Content Manager (CM): 

16.3. Assetto Corsa Competizione:

16.3.1. Car radar is built-in, please enable/use it!

16.4. RaceRoom:

16.4.1. OtterHud (includes car radar): 

17. Track Limits

17.1. Drivers must stay within the track limits demarcated by the white line, unless otherwise specified for a particular track by the race steward.

17.2. A driver is deemed to have left the track if more than two wheels are outside track limits.

17.3. If a driver leaves the track, the driver may return to the track by re-joining in a safe manner that does not hinder any other drivers nor gains any advantage.

17.4. If a driver leaving the track is deemed by the stewards as gaining a lasting advantage, they will be subject to a penalty.

17.5. The 3rd party plugin ‘PLP’ (Pit-Lane-Penalty) for Assetto Corsa to automatically monitor track-cuts and issue warnings or DT’s mid-race (used in previous seasons), is not required.

17.6. ACC issues automatic warnings and penalties based on the severity of a cut. These will not be cleared, and can be expected after the following scenarios:

17.6.1. If no time was gained, you will receive a notification that a corner cut was noticed, but no warning or penalty is applied.

17.6.2. If a small amount of time was gained, you will receive a warning. After 3 warnings you will receive a drive through penalty.

17.6.3. If a large amount of time was gained, you will receive an immediate drive through penalty without warning.

17.6.4. If dangerous driving is detected (e.g. driving the wrong-way), you can receive an immediate teleport-to-pits / DQ.

18. Overtaking and Fair Pass Policy (FPP)

18.1. The Fair Pass Policy (FPP) is in effect for all championships hosted by SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA, and aims to simply make what it is understood to be a fair pass more clear in the event of an investigation. 

18.2. The policy states that if an attacking car is halfway, or further, passed, while maintaining an acceptable amount of speed, the other car during braking and/or on the approach to the apex of a corner, the car about to be passed cannot turn in and must maintain room around the apex of the corner. The attacking car must, however, allow enough room for the car being passed to maintain track limits. In other words the attacking car is not permitted to run the other car wide off the track.

18.3. If the attacking car is not half way passed, while maintaining an acceptable amount of speed, the other car during braking and/or on the approach to the apex of a corner, the attacking car must back off and abandon the move before the apex of the corner, abandoning the move as to not run side by side with the other car.

18.4. If an investigation is requested the race stewards will make decisions based on whether the FPP was in direct contravention or not.

18.5. The FPP has been put in place in an attempt to stop do or die moves that lead to unnecessary contact and to bring a sense of patience and strategy to the racing at SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA. If a driver feels that another driver contravened the policy, a race investigation request may be filed.

18.6. An example scenario which illustrates what is expected of a sim racing driver here at SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA when they are involved in a scenario which involves one car passing another for position, while respecting the FPP, is published here:

18.7. Examples of incidents that can be subject to steward review include but are not limited to the following:

18.7.1. Aggressive Driving (not leaving racing room, minor contact, bump-passing, impatience, dive-bombing, excessive lights flashing).

18.7.2. Avoidable Contact (a driver makes contact with another driver in a manner which is deemed avoidable).

18.7.3. Blocking (a driver alters their racing line in reaction to another driver in an attempt to prevent a pass or to reduce the effect of drafting).

18.7.4. Failure to Hold Brakes (a driver is involved in an incident and failed to fully hold their brakes, therefore moving unpredictably on track or after they stopped).

18.7.5. Unpredictable (assessed when a driver has demonstrated unpredictable behaviour).

18.7.6. Unsportsmanlike (a driver behaves in a manner which is deemed unsportsmanlike by the stewards).

19. Contact between Cars, and other Accidents

19.1. If a driver is involved in an incident that they feel they may be responsible for initiating, it is encouraged that the offending driver apply the “Gentleman’s Rule”. It simply means that you safely stop or drive slower than normal until the car that you may have harmed has passed you again. Care must be given to not impede other drivers during this time, by staying off the normal racing line.

19.2. Where stewards clearly observe the Gentleman’s Rule being applied after an incident, the offending driver may receive a reduction in penalty, if a penalty is still applied. 

19.3. If a driver causes significant damage to the other vehicle, using the Gentleman’s Rule may not be sufficient and the stewards may impose penalties as appropriate.

19.4. The Fair Pass Policy (FPP) is enforced for all championships.

19.5. Drivers are NOT to publicly comment, discuss, or raise issues with any alleged incident in any way/shape/form. This includes sharing video footage of any incidents on the SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA Discord server. Your messages may be removed, and harsher penalties may apply if repeat transgressions occur.

19.6. Drivers who are off-track and cars which have spun on the track itself must resume the race in a safe manner. This may mean driving forwards and/or reversing to a safe area to first get turned in the direction of travel (parallel), and only then merging safely into the flow of traffic away from the racing line, as well as when it is safe to-do so (not into the path of an oncoming car).

19.7. The start of each race is to be treated with extreme caution. The beginning of the race must signal cold brakes and cold tyres which affect the braking distance and grip levels immensely. During the opening laps drivers are to drive with a great level of allowance when compared to their driving behaviour during the previous qualifying session. Stewards take a dim view of any Lap 1, Turn 1 incidents.

20. Ping Rate (Network Latency) Policy

20.1. All races for the foreseeable future are intended to be hosted on the AWS powered platform, using the ‘Cape Town’ South Africa server location.

20.2. If a driver experiences a higher ping rate consistently higher than 350ms, or experience significant lag spike events, the driver is expected to retire from the race in a safe manner away from the racing line so as to not affect other competitors in any way.

20.3. If a driver fails to do so and in the efforts of supporting a successful racing event, the race director can ‘kick’ the driver from the server without prior notice, or award a penalty to be served during the current and/or following round of the championship in question.

20.4. WIFI or 3G/4G connections are known to cause high ping and lag (rubber-banding) – do not use these types of connections where possible.

21. Driving Behaviour and Race Abandonment

21.1. As championships will be broadcasted publicly on YouTube, all efforts must be focused on providing a race which is as close to real life as possible.

21.2. If a driver continues to show signs of erratic or unnatural driving behaviour; the race steward has every right to remove the driver from the relevant race or the entire championship.

21.3. Drivers should not leave the server (quit) until the race event is completed (chequered flag).

21.4. If damage is incurred before this point, attempts should be made to pit, repair damage, and re-enter the race.

21.5. An admin must be contacted for an explanation if a driver DNFs from a race.

21.6. DNF levels are monitored and drivers with a high number of inexplicable DNFs (“Rage Quits”) risk facing a race ban.

21.7. Drivers are not to retaliate and take matters into their own hands on track. Doing so will incur severe penalties (at minimum a DQ, and at most either next race, current, or next championship season ban depending on the seriousness), regardless of whether the ‘other’ driver is in the wrong or right.

21.8. Please contact an admin first if you have an issue with another driver.

21.9. Abusing another driver in voice or text form, hurling insults, escalation of a dispute without consulting an admin, bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. A first and final warning will be issued, followed by a race ban, and then season ban if the behaviour continues.

21.10. Members of SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA staff (admins, moderators, commentators) will be held to the same code of conduct. Please contact @Jason Holden-Jones via private message if you would like to report a staff member’s conduct.

22. In-Game Chat

22.1. Drivers are not allowed to use in-game text chat during Qualifying or Race sessions for any reason. Not only is it distracting and thus disrespectful towards other drivers, it may be picked up on Live stream broadcasts which is regrettable.

22.2. Drivers are only allowed to use in-game chat during HLQ or practice sessions, and should keep it light (e.g. a greeting, or a brief apology if caused an accident, etc.).

22.3. Violations to the above can carry time-penalties or result in race-bans depending on the severity.

22.4. Drivers are expected to participate in an ethical and sportsmanlike manner. Taunting, trash talking, and berating other drivers for any reason will not be tolerated and may lead to disqualification from the series or a ban from SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA depending on the severity.

23. Race Investigation Requests

23.1. If a driver feels they have been unfairly treated or feels a driver has been driving in direct contravention to the Fair Pass Policy, they are encouraged to request a race investigation by the stewards here: 

23.2. Investigation request forms must be submitted within 24hrs of race ending in which the offence occurred, else will not be reviewed.

23.3. Offending drivers may be subject to warnings, time penalties, and race bans dependent on severity of offence and the outcome of the investigation.

23.4. Investigation to do with passing attempts will be subject to the Fair Pass Policy.

23.5. Race investigations must be requested by the parties actually involved in the incident or by their Team Principals.

23.6. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA stewards employ a ‘help us help you’ attitude. Race investigation requests will not be examined without adequate video footage provided. Raw replay files will not be accepted due to the time required to process them.

23.7. A video accompanying the submitted form, must be published to a publicly accessible site for the stewards team to access e.g. YouTube, or Google Drive.

23.8. Minimum requirements for the video footage are as follows:

23.8.1. Cockpit view of your car, with HUD showing pedal and steering inputs.

23.8.2. Cockpit view all other cars involved, with HUD showing pedal and steering inputs. Car radar (e.g. HeliCorsa) if present, may help your case. 

23.8.3. Chase cam of your car.

23.8.4. Chase cam of all others involved.

23.8.5. Heli Cam (if available, e.g. is an ACC event).

23.9. For each of the above snippets, 10-15 additional seconds either side of the incident itself should be provided, for sufficient context leading up to, as well as after the incident (e.g. showing whether the offending car ‘waited’ for you to recover or not).

23.10. Do NOT use slow motion playback when capturing your video. Footage must play back in real-time so as not to introduce bias. The stewards team will control the video speed during playback if necessary.

23.11. If all of the points above have not been addressed in the video footage, the stewards team have the right to disregard a race investigation request as having ‘insufficient evidence’ without reaching out to the requestor notifying them as such.

23.12. Any post-race penalties or warnings issued are considered final, as they are reviewed by a team of stewards, not an individual. If there were any room for doubt, the incident would have been deemed a ‘racing incident’. For this reason, objections or appeals to warnings or penalties issued will be ignored.

23.13. Drivers are NOT allowed to publicly comment, discuss, or raise issues with any penalties that have been issued in any way/shape/form. Your messages will be removed, and harsher penalties may apply if repeat transgressions occur.

24. Warnings, Penalties and Steward Guidelines

24.1. Live penalties:

24.1.1. Some penalties can be received ‘live’ during the race from any live stewards present, or from the game’s automated system. 

24.1.2. All penalties issued live must be adhered to and served by drivers during the race as indicated, or face harsher penalties post-race which may include a DQ.

24.1.3. ACC: Automated penalties may include speeding in the pitlane, excessive track-cuts, driving the wrong way, and so on. These penalties will not be cleared by any stewards or admins present.

24.1.4. AC: The ‘Race Gas Penalty Disabled’ setting will be set to true, meaning, no penalization will be forced in-game.

24.2. Post-race penalties:

24.2.1.The following are examples of post-race penalties that the stewards may issue at their discretion following a race-investigation request, depending on the severity and surrounding circumstances: No-Action: (Race-incident, no particular driver at fault). Warning: (Non-intentional, basic driving infractions). See additional ruling on warnings in the following section. Time Penalty (5-10s): Minor avoidable incident; Blue-Flag infractions; Track Cuts; Inappropriate or distracting chat. Drive-Thru (20s): Serious avoidable incident. Stop-Go (30s): Dangerous or reckless driving; Unsafe re-entries. Disqualification: Repeated infractions. DQ+Next Race Ban: Gross behaviour. League Ban: SRSA Serious Rule Violation

24.3. Warnings:

24.3.1. Warnings can be used to advise drivers of better conduct during future races.

24.3.2. In the event of racing incidents which are considered not severe enough for a penalty by the Race Steward, drivers can be given a warning which includes strong advice as to how to conduct their driving in future.

24.3.3. Once the offending driver is given a third warning, the offending driver will automatically receive a penalty for the race the final warning was issued for.

Flag Rules

25. Yellow Flags

25.1. There is no official yellow flag procedure currently enforced. 

25.2. Drivers are permitted to overtake other vehicles while a yellow flag is waved.

25.3. Drivers should be cautious under yellow flags. Be prepared for slow, damaged or stationary cars on track. 

25.4. Self-preservation is advised. If a driver is involved in an incident whilst under yellow flags, they can still be subjected to post-race penalties from the stewards.

26. Blue Flags

26.1. Blue flags are advisory, and mean the following: Warning: faster/lapping cars are approaching. Use Caution. Exercise sportsmanship and give racing room.

26.2. Drivers about to be lapped are not allowed to defend their position.

26.3. It is the responsibility of the overtaking car to ensure a clean pass.

26.4. It is the responsibility of the car being overtaken to maintain a predictable racing line.

26.5. If a lapped driver chooses to let a lapping driver by, the best opportunities (in order of preference) for a faster car to pass is on the straights, exiting a corner, or entering the braking zone. Overtaking a car mid-corner is very dangerous and should be avoided, unless the overtaking car is confident that the other driver is aware of the overtaking manoeuvre and there is adequate space to do so.

26.6. Dangerous or reckless dive-bombs on another driver (either for position or lapped car) may result in a penalty being applied, regardless of contact being made.

26.7. The use of indicator lights are optional, but should indicate where you will go, not where you want the lapping car to go.

26.8. Lapping cars can report a lapped car to the stewards for blue flag violations if the lapped car demonstrates any of the following:

26.8.1. Defending going into the corner;

26.8.2. ‘Parking’ the car on the apex of a corner;

26.8.3. Unpredictable / erratic driving behaviour.

26.9. Lapped cars may unlap themselves if it is safe to do so. They should make any overtaking manoeuvre to unlap themselves clear (e.g. flash of the headlights to signal a move).

27. Red Flags

27.1. Race restarts will only occur due to server malfunction. Otherwise, restarting a race is not an option (e.g. T1 pile-ups, heavy rain, drivers late, load-shedding etc. are not grounds for an automatic restart).

27.2. Restarts of the race after a red flag/server crash are at the discretion of the admin team. Numerous factors will be considered including real world time, remaining race duration, etc. There will be NO arguing with the final decision in this regard.

27.3. If the race is to be restarted:

27.3.1. The server log, replay, and other sources (e.g. YouTube broadcast) may be used to determine the positions at the end of the last completed lap. Grids will be preset / cars will line up for the restart based on this order.

27.3.2. There will be some turnaround time associated with setting this up.

27.3.3. To be allowed to rejoin the race after a red flag period, your car must not have been posted as a DNF prior to the server crash/restart point.

27.3.4. The remaining race duration will be set to closely match how much time was remaining at the point of the server crash. 

27.3.5. Mandatory Pit-stop requirements may change, pay attention to race-control / ad-hoc driver briefings / announcements that will be posted on Discord.

27.4. If the race is not restarted:

27.4.1. If the server crashes before the ¼ distance point the event will be abandoned and/or rescheduled, no points will be issued. Whether the race is rescheduled on the same night or not will be left at the sole discretion of the race admins/stewards.

27.4.2. If the server crashes after the ¼ distance point has been reached, but before the ¾ point, ½ points will be awarded based on the positions at the end of the last completed lap.

27.4.3. If the server crashes after the ¾ distance point has been reached, full points will be awarded based on the positions at the end of the last completed lap.

Brand and Marketing

28. YouTube Race Videos

28.1. For the current season, only Division 1 races are planned to be live streamed on the official SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA YouTube channel. Division 2 races may be streamed only if capacity allows.

28.2. Whilst every care is taken to produce race videos of the championship races, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to produce a live stream or race video.

29. Marketing

29.1. Teams are strongly encouraged to actively market themselves.

29.2. Official team websites, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, YouTube videos and Twitter accounts are great ways of attracting attention and securing sponsorship deals.

29.3. Teams are encouraged to share the race videos.

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