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    AGBSs Gert James went on to not only claim his maiden SA simHTC Series victory, but to also win the second race at the Nürbugring GP circuit. The results from the Nürburgring mean, with four rounds remaining, the top four drivers are separated by just six Drivers’ Championship points. James started his #102 Alfa Romeo with the comfort of his teammate Boyd Bryson behind him, the two AGBS drivers made a break from the rest of the field [...]
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    Coverage of the 2016 SA simHTC Series Round 5 Race 1 & 2  at Spa-Francorchamps (25 July [...]
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    H-J eSports’ Gerrit Crafford broke AGBSs SA simF3 100% pole position and race victory run by placing his #99 Dallara on pole position to later win Race 1 at the Norisring. AGBSs Gabriel Rossouw held off Crafford to win Race 2. The opening stages of Race 1 saw Rossouw out-brake H-J eSports’ Jason Holden-Jones into the tight Turn 1, Rossouw used the exit of the final corner to great affect to position himself for a move at the end of [...]
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    Coverage of the 2016 SA simF3 Series Round 5 Race 1 & 2  at Norisring (04 July [...]
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    Round 5 of the SA simHTC Series proved a keenly contested affair resulting in both HRTs Mark Henebury and Revlimit Racing’s Jason Absmeier securing maiden championship victories at Spa-Francorchamps. After starting from second position and with a better run out of Eau Rouge, Henebury claimed the race lead from pole setter AGBSs Boyd Bryson, the move coming under-braking for Les Combes. Bryson lost yet another position when Revlimit [...]
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    Coverage of the 2016 SA simHTC Series Round 5 Race 1 & 2  at Spa-Francorchamps (27 June [...]
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    Revlimit Racing’s Jonathan Mogotsi leads the 2016 SA simGT Series Drivers’ Championship, after securing back to back victories at the Nürburgring GP circuit. The first race saw Mogotsi start his Audi R8 LMS from pole position to comfortably lead both the AGBS Nissans of Boyd Bryson and Gert James. James proved quicker than Bryson throughout the opening stages, which promptly saw them switch positions. The move unfortunately, for the [...]
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    Coverage of the 2016 SA simGT Series Round 6 Sprint at Nürburgring GP (20 June [...]
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    Trigon Tooling, the Pretoria-Gauteng based tooling supplier, has partnered with Sim Race South Africa to announce the 2016 Trigon Tooling SA simGT Consistency Cup. “We as Trigon Tooling supply the world class Seco Tools carbide tooling, and have been doing so for almost 20 years. Seco Tools, a Swedish brand,  has been associated with top motor racing teams for many years. We as Trigon Tooling pride ourselves in delivering great service [...]
  • Gerrit Crafford passes Gert James for second position, at the start of Race 1.  Gabriel Rossouw leads.
    Both AGBS drivers, Gert James and Gabriel Rossouw, took victories of the SA simF3 Round at the Spielberg circuit, however a significant top speed deficit to Zero Point Racing’s Gerrit Crafford and H-J eSports Jason Holden-Jones made for a good challenge to the dominant AGBS team. After an impressive qualifying performance, Crafford immediately revealed his top speed advantage by first passing James on lap 1 and then moving to the race [...]
  • Bryson leads Mogotsi during Race 2.
    AGBSs Boyd Bryson and Revlimit Racing’s Jonathan Mogotsi shared victories of Round 4 of the SA simHTC Series, held at the legendary Imola circuit Bryson started his Alfa Romeo 155 well to lead the 20 strong field through the opening Traguardo and Tamburello corners, until an error from Bryson saw him scrambling out of the sand trap at Rivazza II. This allowed the H-J eSports’ Mercedes-Benz 190E of Jason Holden-Jones to slip by [...]
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    Coverage of the 2016 SA simHTC Series Round 4 Race 1 & 2  at Imola (30 May [...]

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SA simHTC Series Round 7 at MonzaAugust 29th, 2016
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