2022.1 Season Sign-up

Please note before signing up:

  • The race calendar can be viewed here for planning purposes: 2022.1 Sim Race SA Race Calendar.
  • Only those drivers intending on racing in the ‘Tier 1’ championships need to complete the below sign-up form.
  • Tier 1 championships require a minimum entrance fee of R150.00 to cover January 2022 to June 2022, which will be directed to the charity focus selected for the season. Tier 2 championships are free-to-enter.
    • The Tier 1 championships are the simGT, simGP, simTC and simLegends Series, hosted on the PC platform using Steam.
    • The Tier 2 championships or racing events are any ad-hoc races including trackdays and endurances.
  • NB: Before directly donating to the charity focus selected for the season, please wait for your application to be accepted, and further instruction to be given in the response email that will follow. 
  • You must join our Discord community on https://discord.io/SimRaceSA. It is is the official platform for all forms of communication.
  • You will be required to join our community page on the simracing.gp website in order to participate.
  • You agree to abide by all our Rules, Terms and Conditions.
    • We have updated and refined multiple rules and regulations for the 2022.1 season. Please ensure that you have reviewed them carefully. If you are uncertain of anything, please reach out to an admin on Discord.
  • Please allow for a maximum of one week for a response to your sign-up application.

Information about the Abba Specialist Adoption & Social Services charity: Sim Race SA’s 2022.1 Charity Focus

2022.1 Sign-up Application Form:

About Jason Holden-Jones (603 Articles)
Jason founded Sim Race South Africa - www.simracesa.co.za - in November 2012, and continues to manage it as a passion project together with Ryan Hill, Alan Paterson, Sas van der Westhuizen, Nick Hodgson and Daniel Haynes. Contact Jason by email: jason@simracesa.co.za

1 Comment on 2022.1 Season Sign-up

  1. Anton Grobler // January 2, 2022 at 5:14 pm //

    My Name Is Anton / RELBORG as gamer tag living in south africa got its ups and downs, but hey this is the world we live in. but theres a great life in racing , real or Sim . i would like to no if anyone here can point me in a direction to start sim racing, i know its not like the real thing but its pretty close i can get to a career or a great fun Channel we all can share. never own a sim rig all on gamepad sins GT4 ,5 and 6 even AC and PC2 jip not fair but those simulators learn a great deal in racing lines and brake and throttle control with various types of cars and track conditions , and thats why on the age of 33 its still a dream and a passion to join a community were i can gets some WIINGS.

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