Terms and Conditions of Service



1. As the providers of this service, SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA, is not responsible for the content of messages posted on the forum. Messages posted on the forum express the views of their author only.

2. As a user of the Forum, you agree to the following:

1. You will not use profanity;
2. You will not post to blatantly provoke violent conflict;
3. You will not discuss, suggest, engage or encourage any illegal activity on the Forum. This includes copyright laws;
4. You will not impersonate anyone else or falsely represent yourself;
5. Using a secondary account to incite conflict or post unsuitable materials will be grounds for banning of both accounts;
6. You will not post any topics relating to race, religion or politics that could offend another user or incite needless arguing and fighting on the Forum.

3. All advice and instructions given out by any members on the Sim Race South Africa Forum as a whole are to be carried out at the risk of the person or persons receiving advice and carrying out any instructions read on this Forum.

4. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA reserves the right to delete or edit any posts posted on the Forum.


5. Whilst every care is taken to execute successful online racing events, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to execute a successful online racing event.

6. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is not responsible for the quality or performance of connections used by users to connect to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA’S server.

7. Payment for season entry will be made before a user is allowed to compete in a season. Payment is not refundable under any circumstances.

8. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA will not be liable for any sickness or seizures experiences including but not limited to, those caused by photosesitivity, i.e. Epileptic fits.

9. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is permitted to change the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the  events without prior notice.

10. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any membership of an user for any reason.

11. Simulation racing hosted by SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA can only be exercised with legally-purchased gaming or simulation software. Use of pirated software will not be tolerated and will lead to instant user banning.

12. The contra proferentem rule in respect of interpreting these terms and conditions shall not appliy (i.e. the interpretation shall not be against the interest of the drafter of these terms and conditions).

By using this website you have read , understand, and accept these terms and conditions.

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