The South African sim Grand Touring Sprint Series (SA simGTS Series) will form part of the National
Simulation Championships hosted by Sim Race South Africa. The SA simGT Series aims to attract
those South African sim racing drivers who are inclined to race GT racing cars.

2.1 Computer program and cars to be used
The SA simGT Series will use the computer program Assetto Corsa and only the GT3 specified cars are
eligible to compete. Sim Race South Africa reserves the right to exclude any car from any race during
the championships for any reason.

2.1.1 Classes
The SA simGT Series is split into three classes, GTS-PRO, GTS-AM, GTS-GENTLEMANS PRO CUP
The GTS-PRO class is for drivers under the age of 40 and who have competed in at least 10 rounds of
either or both of the South African simGT Challenge and the Clubmans simGT Challenge. AM CUP
The GTS-AM class is for drivers under the age of 40 and who are inexperienced simGT drivers as
recognised by Sim Race South Africa. Gentlemans Trophy
The Gentlemans Trophy is for drivers over the age of 40, regardless of their previous experience.

2.2 Competitor Entry Rules
The SA simGT Series is team entry oriented. Each competitor or driver is required to belong to a
team. Both the drivers and teams are required to pay a competitor entrance fee to secure
competitor licences. Both cars belonging to the same team must be of the same manufacture and
model type.

2.2.1 Team licensing
Teams are required to pay a championship entrance fee. Payment for entry into the National Championships will be made before a user is allowed to compete in the National Championships. Payment is not refundable under any circumstances. Two Driver Team
Two Driver Teams are required to pay a season entrance fee up front of R300.00 (Three Hundred Rand). Late season starters will be given a discount.

2.2.2 Single Driver licensing
Single driver teams are required to pay a season entrance fee upfront of R200.00 (Two Hundred Rand). Late season starters will be given a discount.

2.3 Entry rules

2.3.1 Driver entry
A driver may only enter the SAsimGTS Series under one of the following scenarios :
– The driver owns a team entered into the championship or the driver is employed by a
– The driver’s licence fees are up-to-date.

2.3.2 Team entry Number of drivers
The minimum number of drivers entered into a race belonging to the same team is limited to 1 and
the maximum number of drivers in a race belonging to the same team is limited to 2.
A team may include reserve driver/s to replace absent driver/s. Car liveries
Customised cars liveries are strongly encouraged to be used in the championship, while obeying the
following rules:
– All logos and graphics appearing on the cars are to be used with full permission of their
respective livery owners. Proof may be required to verify such permission.
– The following Section makes reference to the sizes and positioning of logos and
graphics placed on cars.
In the event of a team not being able to supply its own team customised livery, the team is required
to use one of the SA simGTS Series default skins. Official Championship logos and placement
Once a team has completed the registration process, the Team Principal will receive a template
which includes the official championship logos placed in their specified locations around the specific
car. The official logos are strictly to be left unchanged and unmoved.

2.3.4 Marketing
Teams are strongly encouraged to actively market themselves. Official team websites, facebook
pages, google+ pages, YouTube videos and twitter accounts are great ways of attracting attention
and the possibility of securing sponsorship deals. Teams are encouraged to share the race videos.

2.3.5 Team structure
A team may consist of an unlimited amount of people, other than the limited number of drivers
being two. These extra team members may include race engineers or set-up specialists. A team
principal is however mandatory. Team Principal
A Team Principal must be appointed to assume full responsibility for the team. The Team Principal
will be the only person with whom the Race Director and Steward will communicate regarding
anything to do with the team.

2.4 Championship session rules
Each round will consist of two qualifying sessions and two races.

2.4.1 Qualifying
Each qualifying session will have the duration of 10min, during which time both drivers of each team
may complete as many laps as they wish to achieve their ultimate starting position.

2.4.2 Race length
Each race will be calculated in laps to be of 20 minutes in length, the races may be 5min longer or
shorter in length.

2.4.3 Championship points Driver points
Championship points will be awarded to the top twenty driver finishers of each race in the following
1. 25 points 7. 14 points 13. 8 points 19. 2 points
2. 21 points 8. 13 points 14. 7 points 20. 1 point
3. 19 points 9. 12 points 15. 6 points
4. 17 points 10. 11 points 16. 5 points
5. 16 points 11. 10 points 17. 4 points
6. 15 points 12. 9 points 18. 3 points

***At the end of the season a driver’s worst round (one round) result will be discarded before the final championship standing are finalised*** Team points
Team points will be the sum of the points earned by each of their drivers according to section

2.4.5 Driving rules
Drivers may use factory driving aids that are specific to each car. Traction Control (TC), Stability program (ESP) and Assisted Braking System (ABS). Track limits
Drivers must stay within the track limits demarcated by the white line, unless otherwise specified for
a particular track by the race steward. A driver will not be penalised if two tyres are within the white
lines of a track.
If a driver leaves the track the driver may return to the track by re-joining in a safe manner to not
hinder any other drivers and to not gain any advantage. Overtaking
Drivers under attack are expected to respect the presence of the car attacking them and attempt to
avoid contact as much as possible while defending their position.

Only one change of direction to defend a position is permitted. If a driver defending moves back onto
the racing line the move must be done as to allow enough space for the attacking driver to run
alongside the defending car without all involved cars contravening track limits. The cars must be
running side by side for this rule to be into effect.

If a driver attacking moves back onto the racing line the move must be done as to allow enough
space for the defending driver to run alongside the attacking car without all involved cars
contravening track limits. The cars must be running side by side for this rule to be into effect.
The moment a car running towards the back of the field is caught by a car which is about to overlap
it. The cars must manage a passing manoeuvre at the very first opportunity. Preferable the about to
be lapped car is to manage the pass off the racing line on a straight in a decisive and obvious manner. Race incident investigations and penalties
The role of Race Director and that of Steward will be filled by Jason Holden-Jones.
The South African simSS3 Series is designed to promote and ensure the hosting of fair and clean
racing. All drivers are to ensure minimal contact with each other where at all possible while
respecting the rules of the championship. Contact between cars Drive through penalties
The policy of waiting for another car to re-join in front of you after causing initial contact will not be
put in place for this championship. Instead a drive through penalty system will be used, whereby, if
contact is found to be unacceptable and against the spirit the Championship, the Race Steward is
permitted to force the offending driver to serve a drive through penalty during the following race or
round, for punishment of causing an avoidable accident or collision.

The Fair Pass Policy (FPP) is enforced for this championship. For more info about the FPP SEE HERE

If a driver feels that they have caused an incident and feel they should be punished, the said driver
may self-punish by conducting a drive through penalty within three laps of the incident and, by doing
so, exempt himself/herself from any penalty or warning associated with the relevant incident for the
following round.

Upon review of the race replay or as a result of a team’s request, should an incident have been
missed by the Race Steward, a drive through penalty for the offending drivers can be enforced for
the following race or round.

In the event of a driver found deserving a drive through penalty during the last Round of the
championship. The said driver will instead receive a 10 point championship points penalty. Warning system
A warning system will be used to advise drivers of better conduct during future races. In the event of
racing incidents which are considered not severe enough for a drive through penalty by the Race
Steward, drivers can be given a warning which includes strong advice as to how to conduct their
driving in future. Once the offending driver is given a third warning, the offending driver will
automatically receive a drive through penalty for the following Race 1 of the following Round.

Whilst every care is taken to execute successful online racing events, no liability will attach to SIM
RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to execute a successful
online racing event.
SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is not responsible for the quality or performance of connections used by
users to connect to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA’S server.

3.1 Ping rate policy
If a driver experiences a higher ping rate consistently than 250MS, the driver is expected to retire
from the race in a safe manner away from the racing line as to not affect other competitiors in
anyway. If a driver fails to do so and in the efforts of supporting a successful racing event, the race
director is obliged to ‘kick’ the driver from the server without prior notice.

As this championship will be broadcasted on Youtube all efforts must be focused on providing a race
which is as close to the real thing as possible. If a driver continues to show signs of iratic or unnatural
driving behaviour; the race steward has every right to remove the driver from the relavent race or
the entire championship.

Whilst every care is taken to produce race videos of the championship races, no liability will attach to
SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to produce a race

***This document was last updated on: 06.01.2014 and may be updated or changed at any time.
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