Clubmans Championship Info

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The Clubmans Championship category can be for those forum members who have already experienced a number of Clubmans Fun Racing Events and are now looking to step it up a level by joining a Clubmans Championship. The Clubmans Championships also act as a feeder series to the National Championships.

Free-100Clubmans Championship Racing is free, all that is required is free forum membership and an to fill out an application to join the championships.

Gaming wheels are mandatory for Clubmans Championships.

For 2016, Sim Race South Africa has elected to run the following Clubmans Championships:

First half of 2016:
Clubmans simClio Cup (Project Cars)
Clubmans simM2 Cup (Assetto Corsa)

Second half of 2016:
– Clubmans simGT4 Cup
– Clubmans simGT Super Trofeo

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