Sim Race SA confirms plans for the new 2020.2 season, 121 entrants and R22000+ raised for charity

Sim Race SA has confirmed 121 entrants and over R22000.00 raised, for charity, for the new 2020.2 sim racing season! It is still not too late to enter! . . All sim racers, novice and experienced, are welcome to sign-up for the new season.

Jason Holden-Jones, Sim Race SAs League Co-ordinator, has confirmed the plans for the new 2020.2 sim racing season. The season will kick off on 06 July 2020 and end on 02 November 2020. The season has already attracted 121 entrants and raised over R22000 for it’s Charity Focus drive. Sim Race SA has selected the Walmer Angel Project as it’s charity to focus on for the new season.

The 2020.2 season will see the exciting addition of the SA simTC Series, a championship based on modern front wheel drive touring car racing, headed up by Alan Paterson.

The SA simGP Series is poised to continue it’s impressive growth in the hands of Ryan Hill, this time with a slight tweak to see the DRS system removed from the Formula 3 based cars.

The SA simGT Series has completed it’s transition to now only use Assetto Corsa Competizione for the 2020.2 season.

The new season also sees the continuation of the SA simRally Series, a cross-platform (PC, XBOX, PS4) championship using Dirt Rally 2.0, and another new addtion; SA simTrackDay using Assetto Corsa and various ‘open world’ maps for a more relaxed ‘chill and drive’ experience.

All sim racers, novice and experienced, are welcome to sign-up for the new season by visiting the 2020.2 Sign-up page or by submitting the form below.


2020.2 Sign-up Form:

Please note before signing up:

  • The Sim Race South Africa hosted Tier 1 Championships are hosted on the PC platform using Steam. There are no console (PS4, Xbox, etc) hosted championships with the exception of the Tier 2 SA simRally Series (Dirt Rally) championship which is cross-platform (PC, PS4 and Xbox).
  • Before directly donating the required minimum entrance fee of R150.00 to the Walmer Angel Project, for Tier 1 Championship entry status, please wait for further instruction to be given in the response email. Tier 2 championships are free-to-enter.
  • The Tier 1 championships are the SA simGT, SA simGP and SA simTC Series. The Tier 2 championships or racing events are the SA simRally Series and SA simTrackDay.
  • The Steam ID number is a 17 digit number found in Steam. How to find it.
  • Please allow for a maximum of one week for a response to your sign-up application.
  • The race calender can be viewed here for planning purposes: 2020.2 Sim Race SA Race Calendar
  • The Sim Race South Africa Discord Server is the official platform for all forms of communication.

Information about The Walmer Angel Project charity: Sim Race SAs 2020.2 Charity Focus

2020.2 Sign-up Application Form:

About Jason Holden-Jones (603 Articles)
Jason founded Sim Race South Africa - - in November 2012, and continues to manage it as a passion project together with Ryan Hill, Alan Paterson, Sas van der Westhuizen, Nick Hodgson and Daniel Haynes. Contact Jason by email:

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