SA simGT Series: SRCs consistent Devon Leisher triumphant of championship’s return to Kyalami

SRCs Devon Leisher`s consistency was key to earning him victory of the SA simGTc Series´ return to Kyalami.

Round 2 of the 2020.1 SA simGTc Series marked the return of the championship to the legendary Kyalami racing circuit in South Africa. The track was created for Assetto corsa by Sim Race South Africa community member; Dale aka `prototype´.

After a great drive himself, Henry Roux caught up with his fellow drivers to find out how it went from their perspective:

HR: “Devon, many congrats on the win. You had a great 4-way fight at the start of the race. It’s a special win, our first race at Kyalami, and to win in front of your home crowd. How did the race go for you?”

Devon Leisher (SRC) : “ Hi Henry, thank you. Start of the race was intense and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the 24 lap battle with Chris until pit stops started to happen. It was nice to have some close racing at the front. The Lambo was great to me, I can’t fault it. I just kept it calm and consistent last night and it paid off. The win for me was bitter sweet for a couple reasons… I always prefer winning without others gifting it to me by making mistakes. I am confident that I had the pace last night in the Lambo to come out at the front after the pit stops, but not by the 10 second lead I found myself in after it all went down. I felt defeated seeing Chris go straight back into the pits to correct the mistake. Nick Hodgson was looking really dangerous too. I think it could have been close at the end without his mistakes. The really competitive guys that I am so used to racing with have bowed out of AC, and with only 16 odd cars on the track for a DIV1 race, it didn’t feel the same either. But, I look forward to meeting them on ACC for some good racing. Overall happy, consistency is always key and I managed to do that last night. Trying to take in as much as I can with AC this season, I fear it may be its last.”

HR: “Nick, congratulations on the podium. You had a strong race from the second row to finish in a well deserved second place. How did the race go for you and what did you enjoy about our first race at Kyalami?”

Nick Hodgson (Point Blank Sim Racing) : “Thank you. Of course I’d have dearly liked to win the race, both for myself and Point Blank Sim Racing, but on the day I feel I got the most out of our package. I knew my race pace was better than my one lap and the plan was to hang on, running long on the mediums, to then hopefully blitz the pack at the end on soft tyres. With the BMW not being quick on the straights I felt strategy was my best bet at gaining positions and it certainly showed in the result. An unfortunate spin the pit lane cost any chance of the victory but overall I’m happy with my inaugural outing at Kyalami”

HR: “Pieter, congrats on the podium. Hard fought race for you throughout and a good result for the team. How did your race go and what were your thoughts on our first race at Kyalami?”

Pieter Geldenhuys (Sim Racing Crew) : “Hey Henry… Its been dreaming to race on it for my whole life … a lot of practice to try and get it right for me and I was very happy with the result. almost pipped the guys to a pole in qualify but lost out.. put a little dent in my strategy .. soft tyres to try and get a gap, but the guys pace were quick. I was very happy with my pace in the race and two mistakes cost me a position to Nick. Very happy with the podium. Our other drivers did very well with Devon claiming the top position. Myself 3rd and Dirkie 4th, Henry 7th… awesome results for the guys. We had our share of niggling issues in the pits with Christophers Merc and we had to retire the car. Brents Lambo also had a problem resulting in an accident that we will sort out for the next race. The Crew is realy putting in the hard work and it shows in the results.”

HR: “Dirk, congrats on a solid result, just missing out on a podium. Good fight with Kieron Paterson throughout the race. How did the race go for you and what did you think of our first race at Kyalami?

Dirk Swanepoel (Sim Racing Crew) : “Jho what a race.. Yes but to stick with the top guys there at front is a bit hard cause then I have to over drive the car and we dont want that.. Yes Kieron Paterson what a nice guy.. Everytime i look in my mirror i see that Audi coming fast for me.. He could’ve easy had 4 place his pace was much faster then mine but had a very good battle with him if he could’ve gone by me I would have had to drive hard to get back, but was nice to have a battle with someone a bit faster then me.. Kyalami what a track must say to the guys that made the mod well done guys everything is in place and was lots of fun..”

HR : “Kieron, great result for yourself on debut in Division 1. You had strong pace in the race and had a great fight with Swanepoel. How did the race go for you and what did you make of your first race in Division 1?

Kieron Paterson (Paterson Worx Racing) : “Yeah I tell you the nerves were there in the beginning and the heat didn’t help the cause with all the perspiration during the race, however the race went very well for me. I was happy with my race pace and general lap consistency, unfortunately still being a relevant rookie in the sim race world it was tough to stay with Christopher, Pieter, Hodge and Devon, but I had a great battle with Dirkie. I had 1 major mistake which obviously cost me 4th place, just got a little bit excited trying to dive past Dirkie into Ingwe and I didn’t have enough pace to catch up to him and overtake, but all-and-all I can’t complain with top 5. I got some great points for myself, but more importantly for Paterson Worx Racing.”

HR: “Endhren, solid result for you at Kyalami. I had the pleasure of watching your rear wing for most of the race and there was just no way past you. How did the race go for you and what did you make of our first race at Kyalami?

Endhren Govender (Point Blank Sim Racing) “Without being biased, i think this is one of the tracks i enjoyed most learning and then racing on. I put in the hours and felt i had a solid setup to work with. I kinda did the rookie mistake of tinkering with the setup before qualifying(tyre pressures). as a result I was fighting the car throughout. When i saw you on the softs behind, my only aim was to keep you behind long enough until your softs wore out. i enjoyed our little battle when you got in front and then when I took the position back. Hard to believe we never scraped paint. Overall i am happy to have finished with no damage to my car. looking forward to some more great battles.”

HR: “Dirk , solid result for yourself last night, you had a great fight with Meyer there in the end. How did the race go for you and what did you make of our first race at Kyalami?

Dirk Brand (Independent) : “Yes Henry, I’m over the moon with that result, given my initial qualifying position and the quality of the competition in Division 1! Kyalami holds a special allure for me and I’ve done many laps around it in various sims through the years. I’m sure this is the case for most of us in SRSA, which then results in the competition being very close and with few mistakes. Qualifying went as well as can be expected; I matched my pace from practice at least, which is always the first goal to aim for. I ended up in 13th, only 1 thousandth of a second ahead of Barry Meyer, so I knew I was in for a tight battle. And wow, how this proved to be the case during the race! You refer to the fight with Barry in the end, but what you probably wouldn’t have seen was that it was basically a race-long battle. For whatever reason it looked like his race pace was somewhat better than mine so I could see that he would just pull away, were he to come past. So I had to dig really deep and use every bit of racecraft I possess in order to defend, lap after lap. When the time for pitstops came I decided to defend against an undercut by going in a lap or two early myself. That seems to have worked because after his stop he was about 4 seconds adrift …for the moment. Then I came across Mike McGeer who had just spun, and it was his turn to be the one frustrated behind me. He then ended up having a half-spin into Clubhouse, which gave Barry the opportunity to start hunting me down again. I then really got my head down and put in some of my best laps to try and keep the gap as big as possible, and could do this up to about 4 laps from the finish. People say I even went eerily quiet on my live stream. 😉 My tyres (and concentration levels) started crying enough, and Barry relentlessly closed the gap right up to a last lap, last corner crescendo where he was right on my tail and I had to go very defensive, fortunate to keep my 8th position – just – over the line. I thoroughly relished that fight, and thank Barry for some hard but clean racing. I can see the two of us fighting it out for many races to come. Thanks to all for a great race, and bring on the next one!”

HR: “Barry, solid result for yourself and for the team, you had a great fight with Dirk Brand in the end there. How did the race go for you and what did you think of our first race at Kyalami?

Barry Meyer (Paterson Worx racing) : “Hi Henry thanks, I intentionally tried to keep my race clean and at least keep the car on the track and still maintain a 1.43 pace. I would have been happy with a top 15 but I managed to latch onto Dirk and felt my pace was really good and consistent. I think the quick “Räikkönen” Cat nap before the race helped with concentration. However it didn’t help me with speed in the straights, Dirk Brand just managed to get out of Leeukop and Ingwe slightly faster than I could and the Lambo really has some grunt off the mark. I was lucky in a way seeing Christopher Langeveldt, Brent Alexander, Mike Mcgeer and Alan Paterson struggling with the track and connections. I just want to say big congrats to Kieron Paterson on his Div 1 debut and big up Paterson Worx! Great start for the New (“rookie”) Team”

HR: “Hannes, solid result for yourself on debut in Division 1, rounding out the top 10. How did your race go last night and what did you make of our first race at Kyalami?

Hannes van Wyk (Black Widow Racing) :”Hi Henry, yes a bit fortunate the result, but sometimes you need a bit of fortune. The race went well, I made a few mistakes in the first half of the race which cost me a lot of time. I had a moment in the second half after turn 3 that saw me hit the wall quite hard, drove the rest of the race with a shattered windscreen and steering issues. Coincidentally my consistency got better after that. With it being my first time in any form on Kyalami, I think the track will favour consistency as we saw from Devon, but all round good fun. Lots to work on still, excited for the next race.”

2020.1 SA simGTc Series (AC) Round 2 Kyalami : Monday 24 February 2020

Division 1


2020.1 SA simGTc Series (AC) Round 2 Kyalami : Wednesday 26 February 2020

Division 2

Re-live the live stream of Round 2 Division 1:

SA simGTc Series (AC) Drivers` Championship Standings after Round 2:

SA simGTc Series (AC) Teams` Championship Standings after Round 2:

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