2020.1 Sim Race SA Championship Season Rules and Regulations


1.1 Driver entry
Drivers may enter the championship once their season application has been accepted and processed.

With regards to the 2020.1 SA simGT Series (GTc and iGTc) and 2020.1 SA simGP Series if a driver does not complete atleast one practice lap before 17:00 on the day before the driver’s allocated division race for the week, the race director can exclude, and replace, the ‘practice absent’ driver.

If there is space in a particular round, a driver who did not practice can request a grid slot from the race director; Jason Holden-Jones. A request may be denied to a ‘practice absent’ driver.

1.2 By entering a SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA season, entrants are giving permission to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA to use their signed up names in website and social media articles, aswell in live streams.

1.3 Team entry

1.2.1 Number of drivers
The minimum number of drivers entered into a race belonging to the same team is limited to one and the maximum number of drivers in a race belonging to the same team is limited to two. Teams may have affiliated teams.
A team may include reserve driver/s to replace absent driver/s.

1.2.2 Car liveries
Customised cars liveries are strongly encouraged to be used in the championships, while obeying the following rules:
– All logos and graphics appearing on the cars are to be used with full permission of their owners. Proof may be required to verify such permission.

In the event of a team not being able to supply its own team customised livery, the team is required to use one of the SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA default livery.


The race format will consist of one 15 minute qualifying session and one 90 minute race session. The races are lap limited, races may be fractionally shorter or longer than 90 minutes. A mandatory pit-stop is required in every race.

Each driver must conduct at least one pit-stop per race. The mandatory pit-stop cannot be conducted during the first lap and the final lap of the race.


The championship standings from the 2020.1 season will be used to determine the division grids for Round 1 of the championships. Thereafter the qualifying results for each race will be used to determine which drivers move down or up a division, usually top/bottom 5. New drivers will start in the lowest division available.


4.1 Driver points
1. 50 points
2. 47 points
3. 45 points
4.-47. 44-1 points

*Drivers must complete 90% of laps completed by the race winner to earn points.

**At the end of the season a driver’s worst round (one round) will be discarded before the final championship standings are finalised***

***Drivers must adhere to their original car choice, if not, points scored up until the point of ‘car change’ will result in the loss of points scored up until that point.

****In terms of weather affecting the track to such an extent that conditions render the cars ‘uncontrollable’ to force the race to be red-flagged (stopped), a race must be 70% completed to consider it a full championship race. If the 70% is not reached, a second race (which length is determined solely at the discretion of the Race Steward) will be conducted on the evening of the first race, the second race will also include a short qualifying session beforehand. The decision to issue the Red Flag is left solely at the discretion of the Race Steward. In this scenario championship points will be issued based on the ‘average’ finishing position between the two races, also taking into account the length of both races.

4.2 Team points

Team points will be the sum of the points earned by each of their drivers according to section 4.1.


4.1 Driving aids
Drivers may use factory driving aids that are specific to each car. Traction Control (TC),  and Assisted Braking System (ABS). Electonic Stabilty Control (ESC) is not permitted.

4.1.1 SA simGT Series

Drivers may use factory driving aids that are specific to each car. Traction Control (TC),  and Assisted Braking System (ABS). Electonic Stabilty Control (ESC) is not permitted.

4.1.2 SA simGP Series

No driving aids. Traction Control (TC), Assisted Braking System (ABS), and Electronic Stabilty Control (ESC) is not permitted.

4.2 Track limits
Drivers must stay within the track limits demarcated by the white line, unless otherwise specified for a particular track by the race steward. A driver will not be penalised if two tyres are within the white lines of a track. If a driver is seen to be gaining an advantage a time penalty may be added to the drivers overall race time.

If a driver leaves the track the driver may return to the track by re-joining in a safe manner to not hinder any other drivers and to not gain any advantage.

4.3 Overtaking

Read the Fair Pass Policy here: https://simracesa.co.za/the-fair-pass-policy-fpp/

4.4 Race incident investigations and penalties

If a drivers feels they have been unfairly treated or feels a driver has been driving in direct contravention to the Fair Pass Policy, they are encourage to request a race investigation here: https://simracesa.co.za/race-investigation-request/

4.5 Contact between cars

The policy of waiting for another car to re-join in front of you after causing initial contact is in place for this season. The offending car is to wait off the racing line until the other car has re-joined safely before continuing.

The Fair Pass Policy (FPP) is enforced for this championship. For more info about the FPP SEE HERE

4.6  Warning system
A warning system can be used to advise drivers of better conduct during future races. In the event of racing incidents which are considered not severe enough for a penalty by the Race Steward, drivers can be given a warning which includes strong advice as to how to conduct their driving in future. Once the offending driver is given a third warning, the offending driver will automatically receive a penalty for the race the final warning was issued for.

Whilst every care is taken to execute successful online racing events, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to execute a successful online racing event. SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is not responsible for the quality or performance of connections used by
users to connect to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA’S server.

6.0 Ping rate policy
If a driver experiences a higher ping rate consistently higher than 300MS, or experience significant lag spike events, the driver is expected to retire from the race in a safe manner away from the racing line as to not affect other competitors in anyway. If a driver fails to do so and in the efforts of supporting a successful racing event, the race director can ‘kick’ the driver from the server without prior notice, or award a penalty to be served during the following round of the championship in question.

As this championship will be broadcasted on Youtube all efforts must be focused on providing a race which is as close to the real thing as possible. If a driver continues to show signs of erratic or unnatural driving behavior; the race steward has every right to remove the driver from the relevant race or the entire championship.


For the current season, only Division 1 races are planned to be live streamed. Whilst every care is taken to produce race videos of the championship races, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to produce a live stream or race video.

Teams are strongly encouraged to actively market themselves. Official team websites, facebook pages, google+ pages, YouTube videos and twitter accounts are great ways of attracting attention and securing sponsorship deals. Teams are encouraged to share the race videos.

***This document  may be updated or changed at any time.
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