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Open Racing: For the new sim racer


So, you have come across the Sim Race SA website with the hopes of joining other new sim racers with similar skill levels…..

Is it all looking a little too intimidating? What with all the race videos and written articles and so forth… There is no reason for it to be. Yes, we have members showing their dedicated sim rigs in the “Show us your rig!” forum section which do look very impressive, expensive and maybe intimidating for some. I, the founder and eSport Co-ordinator of Sim Race SA, am here to tell you that with my entry-level to mid-range steering wheel set, that is hastily clamped to my desk before a big race, I consistently finish within the top 10, race in and race out, while having the biggest fun doing so.

Right, so hopefully I have brought things into perspective and convinced you that you do not need to spend 10s of thousands of Rands to be competitive with some of the top sim racers in the country, and that there is no reason to feel intimidated. In fact, there were world championships won with a modest Logitech DFGT wheel set. We are all very excited to see new names join the virtual racing track grid. We all have to start somewhere, and would like to make that platform available to you. You are invited to join us.

If you do not have a steering wheel set, then do not let that stop you. The use of a steering wheel set is not mandatory for Open Racing.

Now where do you start?..

We have designed the Open Racing events to help new people to sim racing mix it up with more seasoned sim racers.

Open Races are usually hosted on Wednesday evenings, and on odd Monday evenings. For the November and December 2017 period the Open simMX5 Series will take place, find out more here.

Of course if you feel confident enough to go straight to a Pro Series Qualifier, you are very welcome to do

So if you feel Sim Race SA is the online racing community for you; join a Open event. It is free of charge. We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you to what we are passionate about; an exhilarating online race.

Here are some benchmark times for you to practice against:

Sim: Assetto Corsa

Car: BMW M235i Racing

Track: Silverstone-National

Pole position lap time: 1:04.7150 (10th was: 1:05.618)

Championship: SA simGT Series

Sim: Assetto Corsa

Car: Nissan GTR GT3

Track: Silverstone 

Pole Position lap time: 2:02.9670 (10th was: 2:04.3220)

Note: If you’re not quite reaching these times yet, don’t be alarmed, the more time you spend racing, the more your times will drop.  Also, most of the top times were achieved after lots of car setup changes.  The defaults are generally ok, but to reach the top, one needs to tune the car to suit your driving style as well as the track.

Should you want to leave a comment or ask a question, please leave Jason a message by filling out the form below.

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