Clubmans simM2 Cup Rules and Regulations

CM simM2 Cup



1.1 Driver entry
Drivers may enter the championship once their championship application has been accepted and they are registered as a forum member. This championship is based on a single driver entry, not a team entry as seen in the SA simGT Series.

1.1.1 Car liveries
Customised cars liveries are not permitted for this championship. The default liveries that are supplied with Assetto Corsa will be used.


The championship will consist of just one race format; Sprint.

The Sprint Race Format will consist of two 15 minute qualifying sessions and two 30 minute race sessions (lap limited, races may be fractionally shorter or longer).


3.1 Driver points (This will change if two groups are needed)
Championship points will be awarded to the top twenty driver finishers of each race in the following quantities:
1. 25 points 7. 14 points 13. 8 points 19. 2 points
2. 21 points 8. 13 points 14. 7 points 20. 1 point
3. 19 points 9. 12 points 15. 6 points
4. 17 points 10. 11 points 16. 5 points
5. 16 points 11. 10 points 17. 4 points
6. 15 points 12. 9 points 18. 3 points

  • As this championship is treated as a development category, National Championship Pro-Class Drivers who compete in the championship will be placed in a separate class to those who are not.
  • At the end of the season a driver’s worst round (one round) result will be discarded before the final championship standing are finalised.



4.1 Driving aids
Drivers may use factory driving aids that are specific to each car. Traction Control (TC),  and Assisted Braking System (ABS). Electonic Stabilty Control (ESC) is not permitted.

4.2 Track limits
Drivers must stay within the track limits demarcated by the white line, unless otherwise specified for a particular track by the race steward. A driver will not be penalised if two tyres are within the white lines of a track. If a driver is seen to be gaining an advantage a time penalty may be added to the drivers overall race time.

If a driver leaves the track the driver may return to the track by re-joining in a safe manner to not hinder any other drivers and to not gain any advantage.

4.3 Overtaking

Read the Fair Pass Policy here:

4.4 Race incident investigations and penalties

If a drivers feels they have been unfairly treated or feels a driver has been driving in direct contravention to the Fair Pass Policy, they are encourage to request a race investigation here:

4.5 Contact between cars Drive through penalties
The policy of waiting for another car to re-join in front of you after causing initial contact is in place for this championship. The offending car is to wait off the racing line until the other car has re-joined safely before continuing.

Upon review of the race replay or as a result of a team’s request, should an incident have been missed by the Race Steward, a drive through penalty for the following race or round can be enforced for the offending driver or a time penalty for the offending drivers can be be added on to the race in question.

The Fair Pass Policy (FPP) is enforced for this championship. For more info about the FPP SEE HERE

In the event of a driver found deserving of a drive through penalty during the last Round of the championship. The said driver will instead receive a 10 point championship points penalty.

4.6  Warning system
A warning system will be used to advise drivers of better conduct during future races. In the event of racing incidents which are considered not severe enough for a drive through penalty by the Race Steward, drivers can be given a warning which includes strong advice as to how to conduct their
driving in future. Once the offending driver is given a third warning, the offending driver will automatically receive a drive through penalty for the following Race 1 of the following Round.

Whilst every care is taken to execute successful online racing events, no liability will attach to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA for any unforeseen circumstances leading to a failure to execute a successful online racing event.
SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA is not responsible for the quality or performance of connections used by
users to connect to SIM RACE SOUTH AFRICA’S server.

If a driver experiences a higher ping rate consistently than 300MS, the driver is expected to retire from the race in a safe manner away from the racing line as to not affect other competitors in anyway. If a driver fails to do so and in the efforts of supporting a successful racing event, the race
director is obliged to ‘kick’ the driver from the server without prior notice

***This document was last updated on: 20.01.2016 and may be updated or changed at any time.
______________________________ END ___________________________________


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