2016 SA simF3 Application Process

SA simF3 Series

The following application process is for the 2016 SA simF3 Series starting in February 2016 and ending in December 2016.

Please note:

  • To race in a 2016 SA simF3 Series each driver must either be an up to date F3 Member or F3 Team member from 15 February 2016,  fees apply:

F3 Team Member rates (Two driver team member):

1 month: R53  2 months: R104 (2% discount at R52 per month)   3 months: R151 (5% discount at R50.34 per month)

5 months: R239 (10% discount at R47.80 per month)  9 months (whole/rest of the season) : R383 (20% discount at R42.50 per month)

F3 Member rates (Single driver team member):

1 month: R62  2 months: R123 (2% discount at R61.50 per month)   3 months: R178 (5% discount at R59.34 per month)

5 months: R281 (10% discount at R56.20 per month)  9 months (whole/rest of the season) : R450 (20% discount at R50.00 per month)

  • Upon application acceptance, applicants will be directed to the F3 or F3 Team payment system.
  • Teammates may pay their share separately.
  • F3 and F3 Team Membership is non-refundable.
  • If a driver cannot find a teammate, single driver team entries are accepted.
  • The championship will make use of Assetto Corsa. No Assetto Corsa dreampacks are required.
  • Car liveries are subject to official championship templates to be made available after championship application acceptance.

To officially apply for the 2016 SA simF3 Series please fill in and submit the following form:

***Once you have submitted your application, please allow for up to 15 working days for a response and further instructions***

Should you have any questions regarding the sign-up process, please feel free to contact Jason by email at: jason@simracesa.co.za

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Jason founded Sim Race South Africa - www.simracesa.co.za - in November 2012, and continues to manage it as a passion project together with Ryan Hill, Alan Paterson, Sas van der Westhuizen, Nick Hodgson and Daniel Haynes. Contact Jason by email: jason@simracesa.co.za
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