GTS Round 2 Race 1: Bryson remains unbeaten at Imola

Boyd Bryson (Xtreme Racing) won the opening race of the 2015.1 SA simGT Sprint round at Imola.


The action would not wait until the opening corner as Mark Henebury (HRT) and Chris Browne (Shadow GhostworX) made contact to initiate a chain reaction throughout the mid-field causing a many an off track excursion and a shuffle in the race order. Browne’s teammate, Markus Steyn, however was left unscathed to closely follow race leader Basheer Jadwat (Squadro GhostorX) and second placed man Bryson.


Lap 3 of 11 produced two changes in the race order as Browne, using the outside line into Traguardo (turn 1), passed Marius van Wyk (Deltec Racing Team) for 11th, and a late lunge by Philip Lategan (MSR), in the lone Mclaren, earned him a position ahead of Chris Heyneke (HRT) for 7th.

The pivotal moment of the race came when out of Rivazza, Jadwat used too much of the green slippery run-off area to leave the track and allow Bryson within attacking distance. Just 3 laps later, at Piratella, Jadwat would dip a rear tyre onto the grass forcing his BMW sideways to loose enough momentum for Bryson to slip past into the lead.

Steyn moved up into 2nd position after Jadwat ran wide and into the wall at the Alte Chicane. Jadwat still able to carry on to loose just one position.

Bryson carried on his form from 2014.2 to remain unbeaten Imola.

Race results:

GTS Round 2 Race 1

Race video:

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