GT Sprint Race 2 Round 1: Two in a row for Jadwat at Silverstone

The Silverstone round of the 2015.1 SA simGT Sprint series went all Basheer Jadwat’s way, and two consecutive runner-up finishes by teammate Jonathan Bentz ensured a perfect round for the Squadro GhostworX outfit.


Lategan lucky to avoid the Hunter and van Wyk spins.

The start of lap 2 saw Chris Heyneke (HRT) slowed by a ‘tank slapper’ moment which allowed both Ken Hunter (Xtreme Racing) and Marius van Wyk (Deltec Racing Team) to reel him in. Unfortunately both Hunter and van Wyk made contact while trying to pass Heyneke on the approach to Abbey.

An entertaining battle for 4th position was had between Markus Steyn (Shadow GwX) and Boyd Bryson (Xtreme Racing). The two were glued together for most of the race however a number of wild over-steering moments for Steyn was still not enough for Bryson to slip by, Steyn defending exceptionally well. The battle for 4th enabled Chris Browne (Shadow GwX) to slip away to finish on the final podium position.

Debutant Philip Lategan (MSR Racing) did well to close the gap to 6th placed man Heyneke, until an error saw Lategan loose time from avoiding a spin at Copse Corner.

Basheer Jadwat completed another impressive drive to lead a Squadro GhostworX one-two at Silverstone.

Driver Quotes:

Jonathan Bentz (#55 Squadro GhostworX BMW Z4 GT3):

“Bash got an awesome start and I never got that overtake sniff for the rest of the race!!! Flying! I however had a fast starting Chris Browne on my rear bumper! Lap after lap Bash pulled the gap out on me and I managed to hold Chris off. I’m not sure if I loaded the incorrect setup or what, but I really battled with my pace. I couldn’t match my Race 1 times at all. I was easily 1 second per lap slower than Race 1.  I can be very thankful for P2 in that race. By the finish Bash had pulled a 9 second gap on me!

Overall a great night for Squadro GhostworX as we get our championship defense off the ground with double one twos. A big thank you to Afrihost for the stellar connections. There really is something to be said about their unshaped data for performance and consistency. Also a big thank you to Simbits for the backing and our awesome DSD Button boxes, keeping our most important settings/functions close at hand and easily accessible!”

Basheer Jadwat (#83 Squadro GhostworX BMW Z4 GT3):

“I would also like to thank our sponsors for the continued support as well as Jason for hosting/organising and all the other behind the scenes work. We really appreciate the effort you put in.”

Chris Browne (#29 Shadow GhostworX BMW Z4 GT3):

“In qual for race 2 I got out early and put in a decent time, then got a better one on my 2nd run to start 3rd. A reasonable start saw me hold onto Bash and Jono in the opening corners and when Jono got slighly off line through Becketts I got really close down Hanger straight but it wasn’t gonna happen so I backed out and tried to hold in. Jono was just ever so slightly faster than me and he managed to drag me away from the fight for 4th which looked like a lot of fun. Congrats to Bash for the double, Jono for 2 2nds and Markus for a 3rd and a 4th.”

“Thanks Jason, a good start to the new season”

Chris Heyneke (#13 HRT BMW Z4 GT3):

“We both started well and kept our positions through the 1st couple corners. Unfortunately Mark was too early on the throttle out of “The Loop” and spun right into last place. I made a mistake later in the lap almost losing control coming out of “Luffield” and now Ken and Marius was right up to my bumper. I think they both concentrated to overtake me and moved positions on the back straight, but didn’t see that they were next to each other and made contact sending them both into the inside wall. From here I was pushing hard as I could see the other guys in the distance with Philip chasing me hard. I went like this for 6 laps. On lap 8 he got close but got too eager on the throttle and lost control and he fell back. Mark in the meantime had fought back from last position to finish 8th.

Overall I am very happy with the results we got. We made a couple mistakes costing us position, but it is still early in the season and well gain experience. But I can see that we are going to fight hard for that 3rd podium position after the two Aliens from Ghostworx. Great racing Jono/ Bash!”

Race 2 Results:

Round 1 Race 2

Race video:

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