MSR joins the 2015.1 GT Sprint grid

MSR Racing will field a Mclaren MP4-12C in the 2015.1 SA simGT Sprint Series. This was the news from Team Principal Philip Lategan speaking at the team’s recent launch.

“MSR Racing was established in 2011 to compete in the Honda F400 Karting challenge. MSR Racing competed successfully for almost 3 years whilst gaining invaluable racing experience and creating everlasting friendships. ”

Now a new era begins with the rebirth of MSR Racing in the virtual world. 2015 will see MSR Racing complete in the SA SimGTS Series for the first time.”We are not looking to be instantly successful, instead we are taking time to improve our driving skills and to really try to understand the Sim Racing World, the game, setups, cars etc. After a few seasons when we have worked out all the little bits we feel are necessary we will as a team start rising up the ranks of the Sim Racing World.” says Lategan

Sim Race South Africa is now accepting team applications to the four different National Championships. Please visit the GETTING STARTED, INFO PORTAL and TEAM APPLICATION pages to find out more about how to join the action.

Further questions can be directed by email to Jason at

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About Jason Holden-Jones (493 Articles)
Jason, fueled by his passion for Sim Racing, Motorsport and Entrepreneurship, is working to, not only establish Sim Racing as a major eSport in South Africa, but also to establish sim racing as a grass-roots gateway to 'real world' Motorsport. Jason is the founder and owner of Sim Race South Africa - Contact Jason by email:

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  1. motherfluffer777 // January 28, 2015 at 4:21 pm //

    Looking great Philip!

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