Trigon Revlimit Racing launch 2015.1 SS1 contender

Trigon Revlimit Racing’s Team Principal, Jason Absmeier, revealed the team’s plans to compete in the 2015.1 SA simSS1 Series.


The team, which finished third overall in the 2014 SA simSS 3 Series, was happy to announce the inclusion of Trigon Tooling, as a shared title sponsor with Revlimit Speed Shop.

The team also enjoys continued support from Dynacor IT & Gaming Solutions. Dynacor will start selling Thrustmaster products in South Africa from mid March 2015.

“Our driver line up for this year will see Jason Absmeier retaining his seat, and his team mate will be Pieter Van Vuuren. Some of you may know him from the Gran Turismo communities and with his experience, he’s going to be a favorite for the driver’s title.” says Absmeier

Sim Race South Africa is now accepting team applications to the four different National Championships. Please visit the GETTING STARTED, INFO PORTAL and TEAM APPLICATION pages to find out more about how to join the action.

Further questions can be directed by email to Jason at

Showroom_lotus_exos_125_s1_22-0-2015-19-28-6  Showroom_lotus_exos_125_s1_19-0-2015-21-36-0


Showroom_lotus_exos_125_s1_19-0-2015-21-35-50  Showroom_lotus_exos_125_s1_19-0-2015-21-36-26

About Jason Holden-Jones (523 Articles)
Jason, fueled by his passion for Sim Racing, Motorsport and Entrepreneurship, is working to, not only establish Sim Racing as a major eSport in South Africa, but also to establish sim racing as a grass-roots gateway to 'real world' Motorsport. Jason is the founder and owner of Sim Race South Africa - Contact Jason by email:

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