SS3 Round 9 Race 2: Jadwat recovers to claim 10th season win

Basheer Jadwat (Squadro GhostworX) claimed his 10th win of the season during Race 2 at Silverstone.

Close fought battles were seen through out the field.

Close fought battles were seen through out the field.

The opening laps saw exciting battles throughout the field, each driver displaying their experience in race craft while in close proximity to others.

Pole sitter Denis Mitchell (SH Racing) maintained his position past the opening stages, however Jadwat was having a hard time of it as moves by Chris Browne (GhostwoX 3.0), Jonathan Bentz (Squadro GhostworX))  and Juan Liebenberg (Team Ryoku), saw him drop down 3 positions before lap 2 was completed.

Meanwhile Dean Rautenbach (Hippo Rock Racing), who started towards the rear end of the field, did well to make his way past 5 other drivers before lap 5 was completed.

Spins by Bentz, Liebenberg and Browne aided Jadwat’s recovery to 2nd position behind Mitchell who by then was enjoying a commanding 7 sec lead. Jadwat worked to close the gap consistently until the very last lap of the race when he was finally able to pass Mitchell at Farm Curve. Bentz completed the podium.

Race 2 results:

 Round 9 Race 2: Silverstone 17 November 2014

Round 4 Race 2 better version


Pictures from Race 2:

2014-11-22_00017  2014-11-22_00026


2014-11-22_00032  2014-11-22_00024

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