SS3 Round 9 Race 1: Browne presses Jadwat to the end

Jadwat wins by just 0.010 seconds.

Mitchell’s spin from Jadwat’s perspective.

Basheer Jadwat (Squadro GhostworX) narrowly won Race 1 of SA simSS3 round at Silverstone.

Jadwat started from pole position and maintained his lead until an error at Club Corner saw him run wide to let Denis Mitchell (SH Racing) through.  Chris Browne (GhostworX 3.0) showed great pace to keep in touch with the front two runners. Then on lap 4 Mitchell spun at Club Corner, the car seemed to bottom out on the rumble strips leaving Mitchell unable to regain control. Mitchell re-joined the track in 5th position behind the exciting battle between Jonathan Bentz (Squadro GhostworX) and Johannes Coetsee (JVR Ghostworx).

Lap 2 saw Coetsee make an exciting pass on Bentz at the high speed Copse corner. Bentz soon returned the favour taking back his position at Club Corner. Bentz maintained his position ahead of Coetsee until a spin at Abbey put an end to any further chance of a podium position finish.

Marius van Wyk (Xtreme Racing) showed his progress in pace to  maintain an impressive 5th position.

Browne continued his stunning pace to chase down Jadwat for a shot at victory. The first attempt came during the final lap. Browne used a better exit out of Becketts  to run alongside and pass Jadwat around the outside at Stowe, Jadwat however remained close enough to make a lunge up the inside of Browne at Luffield to re-take the lead at the death of the race. Jadwat beat Browne to the finish line by just 0.010 of a  second. It was Coetsee who emerged ahead of a recovering Mitchell to secure his place on the podium.

“After Denis’ unfortunate spin I found myself close-ish to Bash but lapping at similar speed and he didn’t seem to be slowing – I thought the Hard tyre decision was the wrong one until on lap 8 I started to close visibly corner by corner until on the last lap when we got to the old pits I was right on Bash’s tail with a perfect car while he was obviously having grip and traction problems. I figured there wasn’t really much point in pushing too hard through Copse, Maggots and Becketts so I backed off a little and made sure I got the line perfect and on the gas early through Chapel and I was easily able to out-drag Bash down the straight. I wasn’t able to see him at that point to I was a little cautious through Vale – big mistake, this gave him the chance to get alongside into Vale so I cut back, got a great line for the 2nd part of Vale, timed it perfectly so I was right under his rear wing through Club, pulled out of the tow and powered the line – which came up juuust too soon, resulting in the picture above. That was one of the most exciting finishes I’ve had in ages.” says Browne

Race 1 results:

Round 9 Race 1: Silverstone 17 November 2014

Round 4 Race 1 better version


Pictures from Race 1:

244210_2014-11-22_00007  244210_2014-11-22_00006

244210_2014-11-22_00005  244210_2014-11-22_00003



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