SS3 Round 8 Race 2: Jadwat sails to 8th win

Basheer Jadwat (Squadro GhostworX) won Race 2 of Round 8 of the SA simSS3 Series.

Following a high speed opening lap incident which saw Jonthan Bentz (Squadro GhostworX) and  race 1 winner Jason Absmeier (Revlimit Racing) taken out of the running, Jadwat was able to build on his lead from 2nd placed man Markus Steyn (GhostworX 3.0).

Steyn and teammate Chris Browne then in 2nd and 3rd position came under attack when Mitchell, after starting from the back of the filed, had caught up to them and immediately started applying pressure to find a way past. It took Mitchell just 2 laps to do so and to complete what must be the best recovery drive of the season so far.

“Had a fantastic start, pushed into 2nd, I saw the other cars falling behind a bit and I was actually gaining on 1st place man Bash, I realized he must have a higher DF, dunno what happened behind me but noticed a huge gap behind to 3d, managed to stay with bash for about ¾’s of a lap, but then his pure class just started to pull away without him even really trying, I decided to keep it clean, saw Dennis and Absmeier after his pit speeding up behind me, I tried to defend against Dennis which went alright, but I remembered a phrase from “the Matrix” “your demise is inevitable mr Anderson”.. that scared me wide into the slow left hander and Agent Dennis just made it look so smooth as he passed me without breaking a sweat, decided not to fight Absmeier as he was a lap down, and just focused on keeping 3d place, same story as race 1, my tyres just dropped off with 5 laps to go, and this saw Chris speeding up towards me I managed to keep consistent laps going, and Chris must have had a wide or off somewhere as the gap was suddenly much more breathable with only 3 laps to go, kept it on the black stuff, and was happy with my 3d place, and Chris in 4th means fantastic points for GwX 3.0!” says Steyn

Race 2 results:

 Round 8 Race 2: Monza 10 November 2014

Round 8 race 2


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