SAGT Round 1 Race 2: Jadwat wins Silverstone thriller

Basheer Jadwat (Sqaudro GhostworX) took victory of Race 2 of the 2014.2 SA simGT Series at Silverstone.

The start of the race saw an incident between Cliffton Bridge (Taurus Racing) and Ken Hunter (Xtreme Racing) which resulted in Hunter falling to the back of the field.

By lap 4 the leading pair of Denis Mitchell (SH Racing) and Jadwat had pulled away from the rest of the field, both drivers looking equal in pace and equal for the will to win. Boyd Bryson (Xtreme Racing) drove well to maintain his 3rd position ahead of Juan Liebenberg (Team Ryoku).

A noticeable change in pace was noticed from Jadwat who on lap 10 closed the gap to Mitchell and by managing a better a drive onto the Hanger Straight began his assault for position and victory. The first attempt proved successful but only for a short while as Mitchell re-took position at the following Club Corner. Again Jadwat passed Mitchell down the Main Straight.

A lap later saw Mitchell come back at Jadwat but only for the move to end in disaster as Mitchell out-braked himself to make contact with Jadwat forcing both of them off the track. The incident allowed Boyd Bryson (Xtreme Racing) to slip passed to become the new race leader. Jadwat was able to re-join the track just 2 seconds behind Bryson and immediately began to close the gap to him. Mitchell re-joined the track to resume battle this time with Johannes Coetsee (GhostworX 3.0) for 3rd position.

The move for the lead came on lap 16 when Jadwat predictably passed Bryson under-braking for Stowe Corner, the same was done by Mitchell to pass Coetsee.

“Decent start, watched Denis and Basheer fighting it out and making a small gap on me. I was hanging on my the skin of my teeth, and then had a slight wobble, and lost a few seconds. But Denis and Bash were having a right ding-dong, slowing each other up so I made some of the time back. I took the lead when they came together at Club Corner, and initially Basheer looked like he was waiting for Denis, but decided against it and chased me down to eventually take the lead.” said Bryson

Jadwat drove brilliantly to win a thrilling a race ahead of the impressive Bryson and Mitchell

Race 2 video:

Race 2 results:

Round 1 Race 2: Silverstone-International 07 October 2014

Round 1 Race 2


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