SS3 Round 2 Race 2: Two in a row for Pelser and Revlimit

Steven Pelser and Revlimit Racing made it two in a row winning Race 2 at Imola.

A poor start by pole-sitter Jason Absmeier allowed Pelser to take the lead on the approach to turn 1’s Traguardo corner. The rest of the field’s approach to Traguardo did not go smoothly with multiple incidents resulting in a major reshuffle of the race order.

Sqaudro GhostworX’s Jonathan Bentz managed to avoid the chaos emerging in 2nd position on the approach to Villeneuve with Absmeier close behind him. On lap 3 Absmeier with a good slip stream on the main straight attempted a passing move around the outside of Bentz resulting in both cars making contact and falling off the track.

Craig Hume was the biggest winner after the re-shuffle on the opening lap and further incidents in front of him to be in 2nd position on lap 3.

JVR GhostworX’s Willem van Zyl found himself in 3rd with an aggressive Absmeier behind him. Absmeier put the same move on van Zyl as he attempted on Bentz, this time succeeding.

Lap 5 saw an exciting move by SH Racing’s Denis Mitchell running around the outside of Johannes Coetsee at Tosa to take 4th position. Absmeier moved up to 2nd after passing Hume uneventfully at Traguardo, lap 6 saw Mitchell do the same and moving up to 3rd.

Steven Pelser won the 2nd race at Imola making it not only a double victory for him but a perfect round for Revlimit Racing with Absmeier finishing in 2nd in both races.

Race 2 video:

Race 2 results:

Round 2 race 2

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