JVR GhostworX SS3 car launched

Screenshot_tatuusfa1_imola_26-8-2014-20-53-54 sized


Last Wednesday evening JVR GhostworX launched their 2014 SS3 car.

“We are proud to launch our 2014 SA simSS3 Championship contender. With the same two Free State drivers who tied for third place in the last Sim Race SA simGT team’s championship, the team is eager to show their steel in the next generation of online racing.” said Team Principal Willem van Zyl.

Driving for JVR Ghostworx will be van Zyl and Johannes Coetsee.

van Zyl started his online career with the 2012 South African Gran Turismo Academy. He also did well to reach the finals of the DGL Gran Turismo league and also competed at RAGE. van Zyl moved to PC sim racing joining Sim Race SA and competing in the Sim Race SA simGT Championships, finishing the last season third overall.

Also being lured into online racing by the Gran Turismo Academy and with hopes one day of becoming a real world racing driver, Coetsee started his sim racing career in 2012 and was able to qualify for the 2013 RAGE finals, only to fall ill and unfortunately not able to compete. In late 2013, together with van Zyl, Coetsee moved to PC sim racing competing in the Sim Race SA simGT championships, impressing with good results during his rookie season.

“Being teammates from the very beginning of their online racing careers, you can be assured to see them coming up with some interesting team strategies.” said van Zyl.

van Zyl was pround to announce sponsorship deals with Pine Auto Electrical, RS Tuning Ltd, Signs Division and Smokey Joe’s.

260114_10151160359983967_2105383553_n     Pineautoreg SmokeyJoes


JohannesPitpic   Screenshot_tatuusfa1_imola_27-8-2014-19-16-27

Screenshot_tatuusfa1_imola_27-8-2014-19-26-55   Screenshot_tatuusfa1_vallelunga-club_27-8-2014-18-59-43


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