GhostworX to field 6 cars for SS3 series

GhostworX has announced that it will field 6 cars run by 3 of its subsidiary teams for the up-coming South African sim Single Seater 3 Series or ‘SA simSS3 Series’.  In anticipation of a major sponsor reveal Ghostworx has released a number of teaser photos

The teams will be: GhostworX 3.0, JVR GhostworX, and Squadro GhostwroX.



GhostworX 3.0 have signed drivers Chris Browne and Markus Steyn.  By claiming a victory and finishing on the podium no leass than seven times Browne  helped Team DNF to win the 2014 SA simGT Challenge teams championship. Browne narrowly missed out on winning the 2014 Season 1 Clubmans simGT Challenge drivers title by just 13 points. During Round 9 of the 2014 SA simGT Challenge Steyn took an impressive victory passing his opponent on the last corner of the last lap of the race.




JVR GhostworX announced Johannes Coetsee and Willem van Zyl as their driver line-up. van Zyl and Coetsee have enjoyed being teammates before, as they helped GhostworX-Delta to an overall third place in the 2014 Clubmans simGT Challenge teams championship.




Squadro GhostwroX’s driver line-up consists of Basheer Jadwat and Jonathan Bentz. Before retiring from the 2014 Clubmans simGT Challenge Jadwat impressed with 3 podium finishes. In 2012 Bentz took part in the GT Academy and scored an impressive top 16 result.



About Jason Holden-Jones (551 Articles)
Jason, fueled by his passion for Sim Racing, Motorsport and Entrepreneurship, is working to, not only establish Sim Racing as a major eSport in South Africa, but also to establish sim racing as a grass-roots gateway to 'real world' Motorsport. Jason is the founder and owner of Sim Race South Africa - Contact Jason by email:

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